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Metal Chalcogenide
Zirconium Clusters
Metal-Rich Halides


CHEM 462
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Hughbanks Research Group

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Eigenvalues and eigenvectors eigenvalues-vectors.pdf
Complex Numbers (McQuarrie and Simon) complex_numbers.pdf
Determinants and Matrices (McQuarrie and Simon) determinants_matrices.pdf
Linear Algebra Lecture Videos (MIT Open Courseware) Linear Algebra Lectures (Strang)
Point Group Flow Chart flow_chart.pdf
Q.M. and symmetry notes qm_notes.pdf
Perturbation Theory and Subgroups subgroups&perturbation_theory.pdf
Translation Groups #1 translation_groups1.pdf
Translation Groups #2 translation_groups2.pdf
Translation Groups #3 translation_groups3.pdf
Antisymmetric Wavefunctions: Slater Determinants and Applications to Ligand Field Theory antisymmetry.pdf
How chemistry and physics meet in the solid state (R. Hoffmann) hoffmann.pdf
4f Orbitals 4f_orbitals.jpg
The Orbitron (M. Winter, U. Sheffield) The Orbitron
Point Group Theory (J. Goss, U Newcastle upon Tyne) Point Group Theory
Simple Huckel MO Theory Calculator (A. Rauk and R. Cannings, U. Calgary) SHMO
Heteroatom Huckel Parameters Huckel_Heteroatom_parameters.pdf
Transitions Between Stationary States transitions.pdf

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