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David Russell
Applied Biosystems/MDS Sciex, Instruments Professorship in Mass Spectrometry in Chemistry

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Department of Chemistry
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3255

P: 979-845-3345
F: 979-845-9485

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My research focuses on bioanalytical and biophysical chemistry and the development of next-generation native ion mobility and mass spectrometry. Structures and conformational dynamics of proteins, protein complexes and their non-covalent interactions with other molecules are controlled by the Gibbs free energy (GEL) (entropy and enthalpy) of the system. GEL of chemical and biological systems are highly regulated by temperature and solution conditions, but the majority of chemical and biophysical studies are carried out at room, non-physiological temperatures, or even systems lacking temperature control. In order to advance our studies we have developed a novel variable-temperature nano-electrospray ionization (vT-ESI) ion mobility-mass spectrometer with unparalleled sensitivity, dynamic range, and selectivity for studies of both cold- and heat-induced chemical processes. This approach is used for direct determinations of stabilities, reactivities, and thermodynamic measurements on native and non-native proteins and protein complexes as well as protein-ligand interactions. The expansive scope of this approach is the basis for our detection of 40 different conformers of the protein chymotrypsin inhibitor 2, and determination of the thermochemistry for a model membrane protein system binding lipids. The research is funded by NIH and the NIH Resource in Native-MS Guided Structural Biology. Our laboratories in the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building (ILSB) and the novel MS instruments provide exciting opportunities for collaborative, interdisciplinary research with chemical-biologists, biochemists and other chemists.

Educational Background

B. S., 1974, University of Arkansas-Little Rock

Ph. D., 1978, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Awards & Recognition

  • 2019 ACS Analytical Chemistry Division Award in Chemical Instrumentation
  • 2013-2021 Associate Editor, Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (Critical Insights)
  • 2013 Frank H. Field and Joe L. Franklin Award for Outstanding Achievement in Mass Spectrometry (ACS national award; sponsored by the Waters Corp.)
  • 2006 Fred M. Garland Memorial Lecture and Award
  • 2004 Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award for Research, Texas A&M University
  • 2004 Fellow, American Association for Advancement of Science
  • 2002 AB/MDS Sciex Professor of Mass Spectrometry
  • 1998 NSF Special Creativity Extension Award
  • 1994 Director, Laboratory of Biological Mass Spectrometry

Selected Publications

  • McCabe J. W.; Hebert M. J.; Shirzadeh M.; Mallis C. S.; Denton J. K.; Walker T. E.; Russell D. H. 2021. The IMS Paradox: A Perspective on Structural Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry. Mass Spectrom. Rev. 40:280-305.
  • McCabe J. W.; Shirzadeh M.; Walker T. E.; Lin C.-W.; Jones B. J.; Wysocki V. H.; Barondeau D. P.; Clemmer D. E.; Laganowsky A.; Russell D. H. 2021. Variable-Temperature Electrospray Ionization for Temperature-Dependent Folding/Refolding Reactions of Proteins and Ligand Binding. Anal. Chem. 93:6924-31.
  • Raab S. A.; El-Baba T. J.; Woodall D. W.; Liu W.; Liu Y.; Baird Z.; Hales D. A.; Laganowsky A.; Russell D. H.; Clemmer D. E. 2020. Evidence for Many Unique Solution Structures for Chymotrypsin Inhibitor 2: A Thermodynamic Perspective Derived from vT-ESI-IMS-MS Measurements. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 142:17372-8.
  • McCabe J. W.; Mallis C. S.; Kocurek K. I.; Poltash M. L.; Shirzadeh M.; Hebert M. J.; Fan L.; Walker T. E.; Zheng X.; Jiang T.; Dong S.; Lin C.-W.; Laganowsky A.; Russell D. H. 2020. First-Principles Collision Cross Section Measurements of Large Proteins and Protein Complexes. Anal. Chem. 92:11155-63.
  • Lin C.-W.; McCabe J. W.; Russell D. H.; Barondeau D. P. 2020. Molecular Mechanism of ISC Iron-Sulfur Cluster Biogenesis Revealed by High-Resolution Native Mass Spectrometry. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 142:6018-29.