Department of Chemistry

The Business Office is located on the first floor of the 1932 wing. We are open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. The office is closed for lunch from noon to 1:00 PM.

Ronald G. Carter is the Assistant Department Head for the Department of Chemistry. Contact him (845-3335) if you need assistance with Department operations.


Accounting procedures are maintained under the guidelines of the Texas A&M University System and the State of Texas Comptroller's Office in Austin. If you have any questions regarding the status of your account/contract handled through the Department Business Office Room 119, contact Selina Garcia, (845-0903).


Purchasing procedures are maintained under the guidelines of the Texas A&M University System and the State Purchasing and General Services Commission in Austin. Procuring supplies and equipment for instruction/research should be requested with the approval of an instructional/research director. Fill out a request on a departmental "Request To The Chemistry Department" form (available in the Business Office). The request should include a precise description of the desired material to assure that suitable material is procured. The order form must be approved by the instructional/research director. Completed "Request to the Chemistry Department" forms may be left at the Business Office. Each year, the University executes statewide agreements with various vendors to provide specific materials. These may be reviewed upon request. If your requirements are unique so that material from the University designated vendor is unsuitable, a sole source justification must accompany the order form, together with sources of suitable material. Purchasing procedures are time consuming--place your request as soon as possible. If you have an emergency, consult the Business Office personnel about steps you can take to expedite procedures (e.g., walking the forms through the various offices which must process them, or personally picking up materials available from local vendors, etc.).

Accounts receivable/billing

Accounts receivable/billing is done monthly on all shops and services throughout the department. Billing is distributed to the principal investigator(s) for approval and payment. If you have any questions regarding an invoice, please contact the Business Office, Room 119.


Payroll information regarding employment may be obtained in Room 121. If you have any questions regarding payroll, please email or call 979-458-1220.

Business Staff Directory

Headshot of Sandra Maldonado Sandra Maldonado
Senior Business Administrator I
Lydia Cordova headshot Lydia Cordova
Business Coordinator I
Accounts Payable
Liz Hurley headshot Liz Hurley
Business Coordinator II
Accounts Payable
no image available Markea Johnson
Business Coordinator I
Accounts Payable
no image available Michelle Moreno
Business Coordinator I
Accounts Payable
Cynthia Mendez headshot Cynthia Mendez
Business Coordinator II
Accounts Receivable
No Image Available Julie A. Zercher
Business Administrator I
Graduate Program Support
no image available Emily MacDonald
Student Assistant

no image available Ash-Leigh Allgood
Student Assistant

Facilities and Operations

No Image Available Ronald G. Carter
Assistant Department Head
Departmental Operations Manager
Departmental Allocation
Construction Budget
Safety & Security
No Image Available James Kirby
Laboratory Stores & Procurement Officer II
Stockroom Services
No Image Available Curtis Lee
Lab Support
Laboratory and Classroom Support
No Image Available Lindsey Williams
Business Associate I
Stockroom Receiving and Inventory

Human Resources Staff Directory

Crystal King Headshot Crystal King
Human Resources Manager
Jacob Burchfield Headshot Jacob Burchfield
Human Resources Generalist II
Scarlett Najera Scarlett Najera
Student Coordinator
Rebecka Whitney Headshot Rebecka Whitney
Human Resources Administrator I
Jana Hamiter Headshot Jana Hamiter
Human Resources Generalist III


The following is a list of classrooms & conference rooms with seating capacities and available equipment in the Chemistry Building. Submit your reservation requests to with the following information: room number, date(s), beginning and end times, event information. Your reservation will be reviewed and confirmed by return email. Technical/equipment requests should be directed to Tim Pehl in Chemistry 2401, (979) 845-2632.

  Classrooms Seats Accommodations
reserve procedures/rules 100 318 PC VGA Connector Document Camera
reserve procedures/rules 255 70 PC VGA Connector Document Camera iClicker
reserve procedures/rules 2101 24 PC VGA Connector
reserve procedures/rules 2102 104 PC VGA Connector Document Camera iClicker
reserve procedures/rules 2104 104 PC VGA Connector Document Camera iClicker
reserve procedures/rules 2121 36 PC VGA Connector Document Camera Smart Board
reserve procedures/rules 2122 36 PC VGA Connector Document Camera Smart Board
  Conference Rooms Seats Accommodations
reserve 011 12 Blackboard VGA Connector
reserve 214 12 Blackboard VGA Connector
reserve 1126 12 Whiteboard VGA Connector
reserve 1328 12 Blackboard VGA Connector Smart Board
Are there phones in the laboratories?

Hallway telephones are located on most floors of the Chemistry Complex. These phones are restricted to local calls only and should be reserved for emergencies. Anyone needing to contact you should call on the phone nearest your lab. If you have a service problem, please contact the Business Office, Room 119, 845-3335 to expedite repairs.

Can I renovate/redecorate my office/labs?

Significant alterations to building space should first be discussed in detail with Ron Carter (845-3335) who will obtain cost estimates for the work requested. These requests will be presented to the Department Head for consideration.

Requests for addition or removal of furniture should be made to Ronald G. Carter, 845-3335.

How do I put in a request for repairs and cleaning services?

Contact the Business Office, Room 119, 845-3335, or email with a brief description of the request.

Who do I call about safety concerns?

Please report any hazardous conditions to Ron Carter (845-3335)

How do I send unused equipment to surplus?

Submit a completed the Property Transfer form to the Chemistry Department Business Office, Room 119, 845-3335. Surplus equipment is defined by the University's Property Management Office as and longer needed, not working, or cannibalized. Do not leave equipment in the hallway without contacting the Chemistry Business Office.

Can we obtain equipment from the surplus warehouse?

Yes. Submit a completed copy of the Property Transfer form to the Chemistry Department Business Office, Room 119, 845-3335 for authorization to transfer the requested equipment. Contact Selina Garcia at 845-3335.

Can we use the departmental truck?

The department's full-size pickup truck can be reserved hourly between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM from the Business Office and is restricted for university business only. Reservations require a Department of Chemistry ID and a valid driver license.

Where can I get office supplies?

There is a limited supply of office stationery and office supplies available in the Stockroom (Rm. 014). All other office supplies must be purchased through Buy A&M. Contact the Business Office in room 119 if you do not have Buy A&M access.

Can I ask someone to help me type documents?

Contact Ms. Teresa Wyatt, 845-0414, for general typing requests on special jobs of short duration. If assistance is required over a prolonged period of time, a source of funds should be identified.

Where can I make copies of course materials?

There are two departmental copiers, one in Chemistry 116 (Xerox 5355) and another in Heldenfels 412 (Xerox 1090), that are available for use. Request forms for work to be copied should be submitted to the receptionist in Room 119. Should the copier malfunction or you have a question as to its operating abilities, please come to Room 119.

Can I still make transparencies?

Equipment for making transparencies for use in overhead projection is available in Room 116. Supplies for making transparencies are available in Room 014.

What chemicals and services are available in the department stockroom?

The Chemistry Stockroom is located in Room 014, 845-3335. For security reasons, we no longer extend sales outside the department.

Vacuum pumps to be repaired are to be taken to the Research Stockroom, Room 014 with a form indicating your name, room number, and account/contract number to charge. If possible, state the problem.

What is our mailing address?
Dept. of Chemistry
Texas A&M University
P.O. Box 30012
College Station, TX 77842-3012
Express Shipping
Texas A&M University
Department of Chemistry
Ross @ Spence Street
College Station, TX 77843
Campus Mail
Department of Chemistry
TAMU 3255
College Station, TX 77843-3255
Will the chemicals I ordered be delivered to my lab?

All purchases are delivered to Room 014 in order to provide inventory packing list and invoicing control. Likewise, requests to have material shipped from the Department should be delivered there.

How do I ship my chemical samples for analysis?

There are federal regulations that govern the shipment of hazardous material. Please read our Shipping Instructions for more information.

Where can I get liquid nitrogen?

The liquid nitrogen facility is located in Chemistry Room 036 and is automated for user dispensing. For access to system, contact Tim Pehl, Room 2401, 845-2632.

How do I order mercury?

Contact Ronald G. Carter, Business Office, Room 119, 845-3335.