Department of Chemistry


On behalf of my faculty colleagues, our staff and students I am pleased to welcome you to our website. We are a cadre of faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, academic advisors, scientific and technical staff, who have a shared purpose of translating our passion for chemistry to young scholars at all levels in many scientific fields. The research which keeps our department at the forefront of emerging fields in energy, materials, synthesis and properties of new molecules, has important application in disciplines such as medicine and engineering. This research is central to the mission of a university, which is to develop and transfer new knowledge. Together with classroom instruction, advising by professionally trained chemists, research and mentorship, an elite college atmosphere exists amongst our ca. 350 undergraduate majors. Our graduate program, ca. 270 students, has been consistently ranked in the top 10 public institutions, and ca. 20th overall by US News and World Report. We also host ~70 postdoctoral research fellows and many visiting international scholars who contribute to the vibrancy of our research efforts. Our reputation and national rankings reflects the scientific productivity of our research groups, the quality of our facilities, and our extensive external funding.

We embrace diversity in all its forms and believe that working with people from different cultures and backgrounds enriches our experience and contributes to excellence in teaching, learning and research. Our department is committed to promoting a climate that is welcoming and celebrates our differences. We invite you to explore our website, which we hope conveys the excitement that we have for our discipline. Please feel free to contact me or any one of my colleagues.

Simon W. North
Professor and Head