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Metal Chalcogenide
Zirconium Clusters
Metal-Rich Halides



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Department of Chemistry
Texas A&M University
PO Box 30012
College Station, TX 77842-3012

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Hughbanks Research Group

Group Members

Graduate Students

Mehmet Cetinkol
Graduate Student
University of Georgia
Lucas Sweet
Current Graduate Student
Lindsay Roy
Current Graduate Student
Carmela Magliocchi
Current Graduate Student
Jingyi Shen
Current Graduate Student
Meng Fanqin
Ph. D., Spring 2002
Research Associate
Colorado School of Mines
Sun Dong
Ph. D., Summer 2000
Research Associate
Joonyeong Kim
Ph. D., Summer 1999
Research Associate
UC, Berkeley
Jerry Harris
Ph. D., Fall 1997
Northwest Nazarene University
Chwanchin Wang
Ph. D., Spring 1996
Research Associate
Princeton University
Robert Abdon
Ph. D., Fall 1995
Patent Attorney
Jenkins & Gilchrist
Yunchao Tian
Ph. D., Fall 1995
Research Associate
Kansas State University
Kyungsoo Ahn
Ph. D., Summer 1995
Research Scientist
University of Virginia, Charlottesville
Janet Ungerer
Ph. D., Spring 1994
Inorganic Chemist
Reynolds Metals
Charles Runyan, Jr.
Ph. D., Spring 1994
Patent Lawyer
Houston, TX


Dr. Xiaobing (Brian) Xie
Ph.D. 1996 - Iowa State University
Senior Materials Scientist
Eltron Research Inc.
Dr. Cahit Eylem
Ph. D. 1994 - University of Maryland
Research Scientist
Batter Division, Gillette
Dr. Marcus Bond
Ph.D. 1990 - Washington State University
Faculty Member
Southeast Missouri State University
Dr. Kyeong Ae Yee
Ph. D. 1990 - University of Houston
Currently residing in Korea
Dr. K.S. Nanjundaswamy
Ph.D. 1988 - Indian Institute of Science
Heads R&D Division
Advanced Electrochemical Systems Group
Eagle-Pilcher, Inc.
Sung-Jin Kim
Ph. D. 1990 - Iowa State University
Full Professor
Ehwa Woman's University, Korea


Bethany Powell
NSF-REU Student 2003
Undergraduate Student, Abiline Christian University
Oakley Davis
Summer 2001
Adam Nabors
Summer 2000
Graduate Student
Lowry Mays School of Business
Jamie Jones
NSF-REU Student 1999
Graduate Student, University of Texas
Christopher McFarland
Spring 1997
Ron Peterson
NSF-REU Student 1995
Graduate Student, Purdue University
Steven Borgfeld
Summer 1995
Cordelia Kobus
Spring 1991
Ph. D., Rice University
Michael Green
May 1992
Ph.D., U. Chicago 1998
Postdoctoral, Caltech

(Updated: 8/30/2002)

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