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Department of Chemistry
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Timothy Hughbanks
Professor of Chemistry

Timothy Hughbanks

Department of Chemistry
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Texas A&M University
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Postdoctoral: Iowa State University, 1985-1987
Research Advisor: John D. Corbett
Specialization: Synthetic Solid State Chemistry

Postdoctoral: University of Chicago, 1983-1985
Research Advisor: Jeremy K. Burdett
Specialization: Solid State Theory

Graduate: Cornell University, Ph. D. 1983
Research Advisor: Roald Hoffmann
Specialization: Theoretical Chemistry

Undergraduate: University of Washington, B. S. 1977

Professional Appointments

Texas A&M University
  • Department of Chemistry (Professor, 1997 - present; Associate Professor, 1993 - 1997; Assistant Professor, 1993-1987)

Awards, Scientific Affiliations, and Activities

  • Sigma Xi, Iowa State Chapter, 1987
  • NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award, 1988-93
  • Member, Editorial Board of High Temperature and Materials Science, 1995-present
  • Member, Editorial Board of Inorganic Chemistry, 1997-1999
  • Monthly Contributor to Chemistry in Industry (Highlights in Inorganic Chemistry), 1993-present
  • President, Texas A&M University Local Chapter of the American Chemical Society, 1997
  • Member, Materials Research Society, 1997-present
  • Reilly Lecturer, University of Notre Dame, 1998
  • Chair, Inorganic Division, Texas A&M University, 1997-2000

Research Interests

  • Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties of Non-oxide Solids
  • Low-dimensional and Cluster Compounds
  • Bonding in Molecules and Solids
  • Band Theory
  • Novel Materials Synthesis
  • Theory of Conducting and Magnetic Polymers

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