Department of Chemistry

Virtual Chemistry Open House & Science Exploration

Saturday October 16, 2021, 10am


To get the community involved!

The Chemistry Open House held as part of National Chemistry Week, an annual event that promotes public awareness of the importance of chemistry in everyday life. It is coordinated by the American Chemical Society (ACS).

The Department of Chemistry takes an active role in community outreach in an effort to positively affect the future of chemical education. We hope students and families will remember the excitement and surprise they feel during our demonstrations.

ACS National Chemistry Week

NCW encourages chemistry enthusiasts to build awareness of chemistry at the local level. Local Sections, businesses, schools, and individuals are invited to organize or participate in events in their communities with a common goal: To promote the value of chemistry in everyday life.

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Meg A. Mole's Adventures

Meg A. Mole's adventures are part of the ACS kids portal. Meg A. Mole - Future Chemist visits different chemists to learn about their jobs. She is always amazed at the variety of things that they do. Visit her web site to read about her adventures!

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ACS Science for Kids

What makes diapers absorbent? Is peanut butter stickier than syrup or jelly? The ACS Science for Kids web site engages students with experiments, quizzes and other hands on activities with subjects ranging from chemical & physical change to characteristics of material.

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National Chemistry Week - Fast or Slow