Department of Chemistry
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Joanna Goodey Pellois
Instructional Associate Professor
Director, Freshman Chemistry

Department of Chemistry
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3355

P: 979-458-7241
F: 979-845-4719

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Areas of Interest
  • Chemical Education
  • Mentoring
  • Science Writing
  • Solid State Chemistry

Current Activities

I am currently involved in both the undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the Department of Chemistry. I enjoy teaching, mentoring and developing curriculum for future scientists and engineers.

As a member of the First Year Program faculty I teach general chemistry to science and engineering students. My courses emphasize the relevance of chemistry by highlighting current chemical research. I also place a heavy focus on learning the problem solving skills that are required of all scientists. In addition to teaching in the classroom I have developed the second semester general chemistry laboratory curriculum that focuses on the chemistry of the Texas Environment.

Senior undergraduate chemistry students are required to take a seminar course that focuses on communicating scientific results to both scientists and the public. When teaching this course I require students to write a series of papers and to deliver oral presentations centered around a scientific research article. The skills developed in this challenging upper level course are helpful to senior level students who are about to enter the work force or begin graduate studies.

As the Associate Graduate Advisor I help to coordinate activities associated with recruiting new graduate students and advise the current graduate students. I am also responsible for teaching a graduate level course that focuses on ethics in science.

My research interests are related to solid state chemistry. In the past I have studied materials with interesting magnetic, electronic and optical properties. I hope to be involved in incorporating more solid state chemistry and materials science into the undergraduate chemistry curriculum.

Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Houston