Department of Chemistry

Instructions for Applicants

Applications completed after December 15th will be reviewed until the class is full. Please note: our application system is changing. This page will be updated prior to the August availability date for the Fall 2021 application. Please be sure to check back this later in summer for updated instructions.

We are aware of delays to the in-person GRE general and subject tests and TOEFL tests due to COVID-19. Please visit the ETS website for inforamtion about their at-home testing options.

Applications completed after December 15th will be reviewed until the class is full.

To complete application to the PhD program in Chemistry do the following:

  1. Texas A&M University Application
    A Domestic Applicant is a US citizen or a permanent resident of the U.S.
    An International Applicant is not a US citizen or a permanent resident of the U.S.
    Note: You will not be able to edit or update any portion of the application after submission.
  2. Statement of Purpose to be answered as the Essay portion on your ApplyTexas application.
    Find information about What is a Statement of Purpose? in our FAQs
  3. Application Fee. If you are a US citizen, permanent resident or an international student who will complete all 4 years of an undergraduate degree in the US please choose "pay by check" to cue Admissions to waive your application fee.

    If you are not a US citizen and your degree is from a non-US university, you must pay the application fee. Waiver or payment of the fee for international applicants is not available.
  4. Departmental Data Sheet
  5. Transcripts Uploaded PDF copies of transcripts for all college or University programs attended. Do not mail or email official transcripts unless admitted to the program.
  6. Three Letters of Recommendation. At least one letter should be from a research advisor. At least two recommendation letters are expected to be from chemists. We expect 3 letters total.
  7. GRE Scores. Self-reported scores can be submitted in the application and in the Departmental Data Sheet. Official scores must be sent if admitted to the program.
    More information about GRE scores is in our FAQs.
  8. GRE-Chemistry score. GRE-Chemistry score is mandatory for all applicants with non-US undergraduate degrees or any applicant with undergraduate degrees in subjects other than chemistry or biochemistry. The GRE score is strongly recommended for all US applicants. Report this score in the Document Data sheet or upload your score report to the AIS. If you are awaiting the score, write the month you took/will take the test. If you will not take the test, write only "No".
  9. TOEFL or IELTS Score. Required for any international applicant who is a citizen of a country where English is not the official language. Report your scores on the application as well as on the Departmental Data Sheet. You may also upload a copy of the report to the AIS. If you have spent all 4 years at and will graduate from a US college or university you do not need to submit the score. If you will receive a MS degree in the US and your TOEFL or IELTS scores when you entered the program met our expectations, please email us a copy of the report for consideration.
  10. CV or Resume. Please upload your CV to your AIS.

Still have questions?

Please see our See our FAQ's for more information.