Department of Chemistry

Departmental Teaching Awards

Each January, the Graduate Student Award Committee solicits nominations for the:

  • Organic Laboratory Teaching Award
  • Upper-Level Laboratory Teaching Award (for students teaching upper-level laboratory courses in Analytical, Inorganic and Physical chemistry)

To be considered for an award, please have your nomination packet (PDF) emailed to the Graduate Office by March 1.


Successful candidates are selected based upon teaching accomplishments. Students applying for these awards must be enrolled in the Department of Chemistry Graduate Program. Each nomination packet must include:

  1. A completed award nomination form
  2. A letter of nomination
  3. The candidate's resume including a list of publications and presentations
  4. Evaluations of the nominee's teaching by (1) faculty members of the nominating department, (2) peers of the nominee, and (3) students previously taught by the nominee at Texas A&M University. No more than two letters of evaluation in each of the preceding categories should be submitted.
  5. Information about grade distributions for the organic or upper-level laboratory course taught by the nominee.
  6. Information about courses taught, number of students enrolled, and type of preparation required for teaching the courses.