Department of Chemistry

Message from the Chair

Daniel SingletonWelcome to the Texas A&M local section of the American Chemical Society, where we work to promote chemistry among colleagues both inside and outside the Bryan-College Station area.

The local section is involved in the organization of several activities.

We plan to resume the ACS local section meeting and banquet in the fall. We also support the annual Chemistry Open House and Science Exploratorium on campus, the selection of contestants for the National Chemistry Olympiad, and Scholarships and Awards to our undergraduate students.

The local section assists with the logistics of the following awards:

▪ The F. A. Cotton Medal for Excellence Chemical Research recognizes accomplishments in research rather than distinction of any other sort, no matter how meritorious. The award is not restricted by gender, country, or branch of chemistry. A symposium is organized in the spring to recognize the medalist.

▪ The A. I. Scott Medal for Excellence in Biological Chemistry Research recognizes researchers for distinguished achievement at the highest level. A symposium is organized in the fall to recognize the medalist.

We are always looking for new ways to support the community and local section members. We appreciate your support of the local section through your time, input, and financial support.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you are interested in starting a new activity or have any questions about the local section.

Daniel Tabor
2022 Chair