Wooley Research Group

Department of Chemistry

Safety Manual

The following appendices comprise the Wooley Group Safety Manual (click links for pdfs):

  1. Emergency Exit Routes and Assembly Areas
  2. TAMU CHEM Emergency Response Team and Contact Numbers
  3. TAMU Laboratory Safety Manual
  4. TAMU General Safety
  5. TAMU General Laboratory Safety
  6. TAMU Fire & Life Safety
  7. TAMU Personal Protective Equipment
  8. TAMU Chemical Safety
  9. Chemical Storage Guidelines, Color Codes & Hazardous Materials ID
  10. Chemical Compatibility Charts (EPA and labsafety.org)
  11. Chemical Fact Sheets: ethyl ether, HF, perchloric acid
  12. Pyrophoric Handling Policy
  13. Phosgene Handling Policy
  14. Recommendations for the Safe Handling of Cytotoxic Drugs
  15. Guidelines on Handling Carcinogens, Teratogens, & Mutagens
  16. Best Practices & Interim Guideline for Working Safely with Nanotechnology
  17. TAMU Electrical Safety
  18. TAMU Office Safety
  19. Wooley Laboratory Work Area Specific Training Document, PPT Overview & Safety Video Links
  20. TAMU & Wooley Lab Safety Evaluation & Inspection Checklists
  21. TAMU Emergency Eyewash and Safety Shower SOPs
  22. TAMU Hazard Communication Program
  23. Hazards Communication Training Record
  24. Attendance Records for Work Area Specific Training - kept in the laboratory