The Fang Research Group

Welcome to the Fang Lab!

For a more thorough listing of our instruments, please see the second section of this page. For a list of Departmental facilities we have access to, please see here.

lab panorama

The overall view of our lab. We moved into these labs in the Fall of 2014.

Main Lab

Our larger equipment resides in open areas in the lab. Left panel: FTIR and Nitrogen Glovebox. Right panel: Preparative GPC, solvent purification system, and sensitive chemical freezer

Instrument Room

Our room for storage and small instruments - Left to Right: Automatic Chromatography System, Analytical GPC, Balances

Thin Film Processing

Our secondary lab area serves as a processing and characterization area. Left Panel: semiconductor analyzer, probe station, and FT-IR. Right Panel: Film processing, by solution shearing (center), spin coating (right), or drop casting. Not Pictured: Fluorometer for emission measurements.

Our Instruments - Updated Spring 2015


Biotage Automatic Chromatography System


Nitrogen Glovebox with integrated Spin Coater


LakeShore Probe Station and Keithley Semiconductor Analyzer


Solvent Purification System


Analytical Size Exclusion Chromatography


Preparative Size Exclusion Chromatography


IR Spectrometer


UV-Visible Spectrophotometer


Fluorescence Spectrophotometer


Digital UV Ozone System


Spin Coater