Research in the Begley laboratory has potential applications in vitamin production as well as in the development of new antibiotics and herbicides.

Begley laboratory

The Ozerov Group studies new approaches to conversion of solar energy into fuels as a member of Powering the Planet (sponsored by the National Science Foundation).

Ozerov Group

The Watanabe laboratory is focused on elucidating nature's chemistry for use as therapeutics or to understand their role in disease processes for drug development.

Watanabe laboratory

Dr. Gladysz and Dr. Nuñez analyze a recently synthesized molecular gyroscope.

a recently synthesized molecular gyroscope

The design, synthesis, modification and study of polymers that are programmed for function is a central focus of the Wooley Laboratory.

Wooley Laboratory

The Batteas Lab is focused on the development of custom engineered surfaces and interfaces.

Batteas Lab

Research in Professor Daniel Romo's Laboratory focuses on the chemistry and biology of natural products.

Romo Laboratory

The Zhou Research Group focuses on finding new metal-organic materials useful for vehicular hydrogen and methane storage as well as carbon capture and sequestration.

Zhou Research Group

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