Science in Motion: Jim Pennington's Chemistry Roadshow
F.A. Cotton Autobiography, Published by Elsevier, Inc.
Texas A&M Chemistry's Brooke Versaw Named Beckman Scholar
BASF Graduate Student Symposium. Thursday, August 13, 2015
Congratulations Departmental Award Recipients!
Dr. Kevin Burgess received a $200,000 CPRIT High Impact/High Risk award to fund research for improving treatments for acute myeloid leukemia.
Congratulations Departmental Award Recipients!
TAMU Chemistry Graduate Symposium (sponsored by Dow Chemical) will feature talks by research award winners followed by a poster session and Awards Ceremony.
Professor Doug Rees, Cal Tech, received the 2015 F.A. Cotton Medal especially for his elucidation of the nitrogen-fixation FeMo-cofactor of nitrogenase.
TIAS Fellow and Distinguished Professor Peter J. Stang's colorful open lecture described how spontaneous events at the molecular level support life on our planet.
Dr. Karen L. Wooley has been elected as a 2015 Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Joe Zhou earns DOE grant.  Zhou to develop low-cost hydrogen sorbents with $1.2 million EERE award.
Welcome to Dr. David Powers who will join us as an Assistant Professor in August 2015.
Welcome to Jon Sczepanski who will join us as an Assistant Professor and CPRIT Scholar in Cancer Research in August 2015.

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Aug 4

Syllabus Design

Center for Teaching Excellence

Aug 5

Student Poster Session

Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Aug 6

Departmental Undergraduate Research Symposium

Summer REU Program

Aug 13

BASF Graduate Student Symposium

Excellence in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Polymer Research

Aug 16

250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

Boston, MA

Aug 31

Olaf Ruediger, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion

Stabilization by redox hydrogels of oxygen sensitive hydrogenases towards oxidative damage

Sep 1

Gregory Scholes, Princeton University

Physical/Analytical Seminar

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