PCN-250 under Pressure: Sequential Phase Transformation and the Implications for MOF Densification

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Systematic Engineering of Single Substitution in Zirconium Metal–Organic Frameworks toward High-Performance Catalysis

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Flexible Zirconium MOFs as Bromine-Nanocontainers for Bromination Reactions under Ambient Conditions

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Porous Organic Polymers for Post-Combustion Carbon Capture

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Construction of Hierarchically Porous Metal–Organic Frameworks through Linker Labilization

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Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets as an Enzyme Inhibitor: Modulation of the α-Chymotrypsin Activity

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Enzyme–MOF (Metal–Organic Framework) Composites

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Stepwise Synthesis of Metal–Organic Frameworks

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Flexible Zirconium MOF as the Crystalline Sponge for Coordinative Alignment of Dicarboxylates

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A Base-Resistant Metalloporphyrin Metal–Organic Framework for C–H Bond Halogenation

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We are a research group with a focus on chemistry and material science at Texas A&M University led by Dr. Hong-Cai Zhou.

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