A Highly Stable Porphyrinic Zirconium Metal-Organic Framework with shp-a Topology

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Increasing the Stability of Metal-Organic Frameworks

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Rational Design and Synthesis of Porous Polymer Networks: Toward High Surface Area

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Protein Immobilization in Metal–Organic Frameworks by Covalent Binding

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Rigidifying Fluorescent Linkers by Metal-Organic Framework Formation for Fluorescence Blue Shift and Quantum Yield Enhancement

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Stepwise Synthesis of Robust Metal-Organic Frameworks via Post-Synthetic Metathesis and Oxidation of Metal Nodes in a Single-Crystal to Single-Crystal Transformation

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Enhanced Methane Sorption in Densified Forms of a Porous Polymer Network

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Azobenzene-Functionalized Metal-Organic Polyhedra for Optically Responsive Capture and Release of Guest Molecules

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Sequestering CO2 for Short Term Storage in MOFs. Copolymer Synthesis with Oxiranes

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Size and Stress Dependent Hydrogen Desorption in Metastable Mg Hydride Films

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Unusual Preservation of Polyhedral Molecular Building Units in a Metal–Organic Framework with Evident Desymmetrization in Ligand Design

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Tuning the structure and function of metal–organic frameworks via linker design

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Metal–Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

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Rational Design of Metal-Organic Frameworks with Anticipated Porosities and Functionalities

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Design and synthesis of nucleobase-incorporated metal-organic materials

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Stable Benzimidazole-Incorporated Porous Polymer Network for Carbon Capture with High Efficiency and Low Cost

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Symmetry-Guided Synthesis of Highly Porous Metal-Organic Frameworks with Fluorite Topology

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We are a research group with a focus on chemistry and material science at Texas A&M University led by Dr. Hong-Cai Zhou.

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