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Outreach & Teaching

Outreach -- Videos -- Teaching

2021 Gyroscope Video

A short video describing use of gyroscopes and creation of molecular gyroscopes in the Gladysz research group.
2019 Annual Chemistry Open House

Hassan teaching prospective young scientists!
Curiosity leads to great discoveries!

Connor demonstrates angular momentum with young visitor!

Andreas shows off video of gyroscopes in outer-space!

Katherine and Sourajit anxiously awaiting the next visitor!
2018 Annual Chemistry Open House

Gyroscopes can make for dizzying experiences!

Prof. Gladysz and the gang teach the kids to play with gyroscopes!

Connor and Yun show off toy gyroscopes and molecular models!

Andreas shows how computers can be used to model molecules!

Gong and Yun show off how bike wheels can be used as gyroscopes!

Computers and molecules go hand-in-hand!

Quang teams up with Chemistry Student Safety Committee!
Student Research Week 2018
Undergraduates Karthik, Jiheyon, and Caroline presenting their work on molecular gyroscopes at the 21st annual Student Research Week at Texas A&M.
2017 Annual Chemistry Open House

Gyroscopes are the focus of our display!

Gyroscopes are the focus of our display!

Prof. Gladysz brings models to relate things to molecules!

Little kids playing with the little gyroscopes!

Big kids playing with the big gyroscopes!

Smiles all around as they experience unseen forces!

Let the angular momentum move you!

Chemistry on computers!

Gyroscopes always bring in the crowds!

"That's amazing!" -Kid, 2017

Heads are spinning for gyrocopters!

Gigging and learning at Texas A&M!
2017 Science Night at Rock Prarie Elementary School

Gladysz group teams up with OCDC at Rock Prarie Elementary!

It's slime time!
Hydrophobic sand is weird...and cool!
2017 Frontiers in Texas A&M Science
Lecturer, College of Science
"Frontiers in Texas A&M Science" series (for the general public), "Pushing on the Frontiers of Science with Organometallic Chemistry". Link to Story
2016 Nobel Prize Symposium
Lecturer, Texas A&M Nobel Prizes Symposium, "Research of the 2016 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry". Link to Story

2016 Annual Chemistry Open House

Dr. Gladysz explains the relationship between gyroscopes and cell phones!

Making colorful gyrocopters!

Andreas demonstrates the power of molecular modeling!

Quang and Tobias show how bike wheels can also be gyroscopes!

Dr. Gladysz entertains some more of the visitors!
2014 Annual Chemistry Open House

Kids enjoying the gyroscopes!

Woah! Look at it spin!

Time for Gyrocopters!

Georgette and Subrata explain it all!

Dr. Gladysz entertains some of the visitors!
2011 Annual Chemistry Open House
Prof. Gladysz interacting with visitors at the Chemistry Open House table.