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Margean Gladysz: Career as a Secret Agent

Like any young child, I was very proud of both of my parents. When it came time to brag about our moms, I would quickly volunteer that "my mother worked for several years as a secret agent right after she finished college", hoping to elicit envy and visions of a female James Bond.  Sadly, my aspirations of peer respect were thwarted, as nobody ever believed me. However, now that the statue of limitations has expired, my mother has published her memoirs of this phase of her life, entitled 'A Spy on the Bus'.

Although this comes too late for my earlier purposes, at least the unimpeachable truth is now in the public domain, and I would encourage anyone to read this engaging story. It is available in paperback from Amazon:

"A Spy on the Bus" by Margean Gladysz

She has given many presentations in association with various author book tours, and the following video is available:

A direct link to the video can be found here: