Travel Awards

  • Applications may be submitted when you accumulate 22 points
  • Travel award recipients are selected by the awards committee, the number of awards is limited by available funds.
  • Travel awards are for up to $500.

Application Deadlines

Semester Travel Dates Application Deadline
Fall September 16 – January 15 September 15
Spring January 16 – May 15 January 15
Summer May 16 – September 15 May 15

Applying for Award

To apply the travel award, please leave (i) application form and (ii) presentation abstract in Samya Samanta's chemistry mailbox. Please also send an email to inform Samya Samanta when you have submitted all the documents.

Obtaining Reimbursements

To obtain reimbursement, please leave (i) original receipts of expenses, (ii) credit/debit card statements showing the above mentioned expense, and (iii) travel form number (see instruction here) Please also send an email to inform Samya Samanta and fill out the google form here when you have submitted all the documents.

Once your check is ready to be picked-up, you'll be informed via email. PLEASE WAIT PATIENTLY.

Please DO NOT use your friend's/family member's credit/debit card when making a payment for something you are hoping to be reimbursed. All receipts and credit/debit card statements should be in YOUR name. Any expense that does not have proof that it was paid for by you, will not be reimbursed.

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