Travel Awards

  • Applications may be submitted when you accumulate 22 points
  • Travel award recipients are selected by the awards committee, the number of awards is limited by available funds.
  • Travel awards are for up to $500.

Application Deadlines

Semester Travel Dates Application Deadline
Fall September 16 – January 15 September 15
Spring January 16 – May 15 January 15
Summer May 16 – September 15 May 15

Applying for Award

To apply the travel award, please leave (i) application form and (ii) presentation abstract in Ming-Uei Hung's chemistry mailbox. Please also send an email to inform Ming-Uei when you have submitted all the documents.

Obtaining Reimbursements

To obtain reimbursement, please leave (i) original receipts of expenses, (ii) credit/debit card statements showing the above mentioned expense, and (iii) travel form number (see instruction here) Please also send an email to inform Ming-Uei and fill out the google form here when you have submitted all the documents.

Once your check is ready to be picked-up, you'll be informed via email. PLEASE WAIT PATIENTLY.

Please DO NOT use your friend's/family member's credit/debit card when making a payment for something you are hoping to be reimbursed. All receipts and credit/debit card statements should be in YOUR name. Any expense that does not have proof that it was paid for by you, will not be reimbursed.

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