ACS Dues Reimbursement

For active PLU members who are also American Chemical Society members, PLU offers ACS Dues Reimbursement.  For more information on becoming an American Chemical Society member, please click here.

Obtaining Reimbursements

To obtain reimbursement, please leave (i) reimbursement form, (ii) original receipts of expenses, and (iii) credit/debit card statements showing the above mentioned expense in Aishanee Sur's chemistry mailbox. Please also send an email to inform Aishanee Sur and fill out the google form here.

when you have submitted all the documents. The deadline for submitting all materials is the first week of Spring semester. Once your check is ready to be picked-up, you'll be informed via email. PLEASE WAIT PATIENTLY.

Please DO NOT use your friend's/family member's credit/debit card when making a payment for something you are hoping to be reimbursed. All receipts and credit/debit card statements should be in YOUR name. Any expense that does not have proof that it was paid for by you, will not be reimbursed.

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