Department of Chemistry

Eric J. Schelter, Ph.D. '04 Dunbar Group

  • Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania
  • Eric is the winner of the 2016 Harry Gray Award for Creative Work in Inorganic Chemistry by a Young Investigator

Why did you choose Texas A&M Chemistry?

I chose Texas A&M Chemistry because of the reputation of its faculty and its tradition of excellence in inorganic chemistry.

How has your Texas A&M education influenced your personal growth and professional success?

Opportunities for graduate work at TAMU Chemistry included interactions with exceptional faculty, rigorous coursework, superb facilities and a stimulating intellectual environment. For me, grad school was about learning and applying as much as I could about chemical research in 4-5 years. The TAMU Chemistry environment helped push and develop me as a chemist. Taking advantage of opportunities within the program laid a critical groundwork for my career.