Message from the Chair

JP Pellois Dear visitors to the Local Section 450, Texas A&M website:

We are mid-way through 2014. I wish to remind you of some of the Local Texas A&M Section L450 past events and highlight some events that will take place soon.

This year we sponsored the United States National Chemistry Olympiad. More than 100 high school students took the examination on March 5. Ms. Casey Akin and Mr. John Tollet, Advanced Placement teachers at College Station High School and A&M Consolidated, organized the exam. The second stage examination, a 5 hour long process, was taken by four persons from College Station and was handled by Ms. Wendy Keeney-Kennicutt. The student did not qualified for the opportunity to represent the US but their performance was Outstanding in several categories.

Our first major social event, the Cotton Award Symposium for Excellence in Chemical Research, took place on April 25. Professor K. Barry Sharpless, of The Scripps Research Institute, was this year's recipient. Along with him Professors Eric Jacobsen of Harvard University, Jason Hein of U.C. Merced, and Thomas Brown of Oxford University were speakers at the symposium. A banquet at Christopher's followed. This event was a great success and was organized by Julie Zercher.

Our next social events will be the Scott Medal Symposium, and later in the fall, our yearly ACS banquet. Dates and locations will be announced soon. These are fantastic opportunities for all ACS members to meet and I will send email reminders in the near future.

Take time to become active as ACS members in our Chapter. Write to me (, Steven Wheeler, our Secretary (, Steve Lockless, our Treasurer ( or Wenshe Liu (, our Chair Elect, of your interest.

Jean-Philippe Pellois, Chair


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