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Nicole Wagner
Level : Ph.D.
Training Period: 2010-2017
Prior Deicgree/Yr/Institution: B.S. Chemistry / 2010 / Truman State University
Research project: Development and optimization of a MALDI periodic focusing ion mobility mass spectrometer
Current Position: Postdoctoral research associate, Washington University in St. Louis (Gross lab)

John Patrick
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 2010-2016
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: B.S. Chemistry / 2010 / St.Vincent College
Research project: Investigations of peptide conformation in lipid membrane environments utilizing Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Current Position: Postdoctoral research associate, Texas A&M University (Laganowsky lab)

DoYong Kim
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 2009-2016
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: B.S. / 2009 / Case Western Reserve University
Research project: IMMS MD/QM Simulation of peptides and solvation and desolvation process
Current Position: Postdoctoral research associate, ILSB Mass Spec Facility, Texas A&M University

Kelly A. Servage
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 2012-2016
Research Project: Applications in cryogenic ion mobility-mass spectrometry
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: B.S. Chemistry / 2012 / St.Edward's University
Current Position: Postdoctoral researcher, UT Southwestern Medical Center Proteomics Core

Anqi Chen
Level: M.S.
Training Period: 2013-2016
Research Project: Applications in cryogenic ion mobility-mass spectrometry
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: B.S. Chemistry / 2013 / Peking University
Current Position: Ph. D. student, Computer Science program, UT Dallas

William K. (Bill) Russell
Level: Research Scientist and Associate Director, Laboratory for Biological Mass Spectrometry
Period: 2002-2015
Research Project:
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: Ph.D. /1998/Texas A&M University
Current Position: Asst. Professor (Research), University of Texas Medical Branch

Chunying Xiao
Level: M.S.
Training Period: 2010 - 2015
Research Project: Studying the effects of mutiple charges and alkali metals on the structure of model peptides using ESI-IM-MS
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: M.S. Chemistry/2004/ Nanjing University
Current Position:

Roberto Gamez
Level: Ph. D. and Postdoctoral researcher
Training Period: 2009 - 2015
Research Project: Surface Functionalization of Gold Nanorods for Selective Analyte Capture and MALDI-MS.
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: B.S. Chemistry/2009/ UTPA-University of Texas Pan America
Current Position: Field Applications Scientist, Thermofisher Scientific

Xiao Cong
Level: Ph. D. (joint with Prof. Paul Cremer, Penn State University)
Training Period: 2013 - 2015
Research Project:
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: B.S. Chemistry/
Current Position: Postdoctoral Scientist, Pharmaceutical Development at Wolfe Laboratories, Inc.

Shu Hua Chen
Level: Ph. D.
Training Period: 2009-2015
Research Project: Characterization of structural changes of metallothioneins between metal-free to metallated forms by ion mobility mass spectrometry
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: B.S. Chemistry/2002/National Normal Taiwan University; M.S. Chemistry/2005/National Taiwan University
Current Position: Research Scientist, U.S. Food & Drug Administration

Yohannes H. Rezenom
Level: Research Scientist 
Training Period: 2009 - 2015
Research Interest: Development and application of ambient ionization techniques for mass spectrometry
Current Position:

Vanessa Santiago
Staff, Laboratory of Biological Mass Spectrometry
Research Interests: Mass spectrometry, optimization of mass spec data for samples submitted to the Service Lab
Training period: 2001 - 2015
Current Position/Affiliation: Molecular Technician II at Mass Spectrometry/Biochemical Genetics Lab, Duke University Health System

Kerry Wooding
Level: Postdoctoral Fellow
Training Period: 2013-2014
Research Project: 
Prior degree: Ph.D. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW), Dallas, TX
Current Position: Postoctoral Scientist, Texas Tech University (Mechref Lab)

Fred Zinnel
Level: Ph. D.
Training Period: 2008-2014
Research Project: Focused on pI based separations followed by middle down proteomics using electron capture dissociation (ECD).
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: B.S.Chemistry/2006/University of Nebraska Lincoln
Current Position: Research Scientist, Thermofisher Scientific

Kyle Fort
Level: Ph. D.
Training Period: 2009-2014
Research Project: Developing techniques to look at the effect of time scale on fragmentation
Current Postion: Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics (Heck Lab), Utrecht University, Netherlands

Joshua Silveira
Level: Ph. D.
Training Period: 2008-2013
Research Project: Development of Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation to Probe the Conformations and Capture the Solution to Gas Phase Transition of Electrosprayed Biomolecules
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: B.S. /2007/ California State University, Fresno, CA
Current Position: Demonstration Chemist, ThermoFisher Scientific, San Francisco

Junho Jeon
Level: Ph. D.
Training Period: 2008-2013
Research Project: Developing high resolution and high sensitivity electrospray ionization ion mobility mass spectrometer (ESI-IM-MS) for investigating architecture and gas phase chemistry of peptide and protein complexes.
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: B.S.Chemistry/2001/Kyunghee University; M.S. Chemistry/2003/POSTECH
Current Position: Senior Chemist - Analytical Sciences at Dow Chemical Company, Freeport,TX

Phillip Lang
Level: M.S
Training Period: 2008-2013
Research Project: Polymers Encapsulating Gold Nanoparticles for Selective Analyte Capture Combined with Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry.
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: B.S.Chemistry/2008/Howard Payne University
Current Position: Consultant Engineer, FM Global Links

Mavreen Tuvilla
Level: M.S.
Training Period: 2009-2013  
Research Project: Enzymatic Digestion in Aqueous-Organic Solvents: A Mass Spectrometry-based Approach in Monitoring Protein Conformation Changes
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: BS Chemistry/2004/University of San Carlos
Current Position: Graduate student, Purdue University

Liuxi Chen
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 2006-2012
Research Project: Investigation of gas-phase proteins/peptides
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: B.S./2005/University of Science and Technology of China
Current Position: Senior Scientist, Waters Corporation

Chaminda M. Gamage
Level: Research Scientist and Research Group Manager
Training Period: 2009-2012
Research Project: Instrumentatin in mass spectrometry and ion mobility mass spectrometry, structural studies of biomolecules using ion fragmentation methods and computational calculations.
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: Ph.D./2005/University of Arizona
Current Position: Associate Research & Development Scientist, Bruker Daltonics
Pei-Jing "Peggy" Pai
Level: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Training Period: 2008-2012
Research Project: Site-specific glycosylation analysis using isoelectric trapping separations and mass spectrometry
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: PhD Chemistry/National Taiwan University
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
Kevin Kmiec
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 2006-2012
Research Project: Mass spectrometry instrumentation, specifically the improvement of 193 nm photodissociation time-of-flight; investigation of the the effect of timescale on photon-induced fragmentation of peptide ions.
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/2006/Hendrix College
Current Position: Petroleum Chemist at Weatherford Laboratories, Inc
Francisco Fernandez-Lima
Level: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Training Period: 2008-2010
Research Project:
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: PhD/2006/Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Florida International University
Edward T. Castellana
Level: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Training Period: 2006-2010
Research Project: Enhancing lser desorption/ionization (LDI) of analytes from nanomaterials for MS applications; Designing nanomaterials-based biosensors for selective analyte capture and/or selective ionization; Understanding the process of LDI-MS from nanomaterials
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: Ph.D./2005/Texas A&M University
Current Position: Research Assistant Professor, University of Texas-Dallas
Mario Gomez-Hernandez
Level: M.S.
Training Period: 2006-2010
Research Project: Functionalized gold nanoparticle surface chemistry optimization for applications in laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: M. S./2006/ Texas A&M University at Kingsville
Current Position: Associate Director, Advanced Mass Spectrometry Facility at Florida International University
Ryan Blase
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 2004-2010
Research Project: Instrumentation development in ion-mobility mass spectrometry
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/2005/Truman State University
Current Position: Research Scientist, Southwest Research Institute
Stephanie Cologna
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 2005-2010
Research Project: Proteomic studies using isoelectric point-based fractionation and mass spectrometry Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/2005/University of Arizona
Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Brad Williams
Level: Ph.D. 
Training Period: 2005-2010
Research Project: Disulfide bond elucidation using on-target performic acid oxidation combined with capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry.
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/2003/Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Current Position: Senior Applications Chemist, Waters Corporation

Zhaoxiang Wu
Level:  Ph.D.
Training Period: 2004-2010
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution:  B.S./2004/ University of Science and Technology, China
Current Position:  Appliation Scientist II, AB SCIEX,Raleigh-Durham, NC
Email: zxwu8056@gmail.com

Jody C. May
Level:  Ph.D.
Training Period: 2001-2009
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution:  B.S./2001/Central Arkansas University
Current Position:  Research Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University
Email:  jody.c.may@vanderbilt.edu 

Stacy D. Sherrod
Level:  Ph.D.; Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Training Period: 2003-2009
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution:  B.S./2003/Sam Houston State University
Current Position:  Postdoctoral Fellow, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Email:  stacy.d.sherrod@vanderbilt.edu 

Katherine Stumpo
Level: Ph.D.
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: B.S./2003/ Northern Iowa University 
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Scranton, PA
Christopher Becker
Level: Postdoctoral fellow
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: Ph.D./2006/ Baylor University 
Current Position: Director, Mass Spectrometry Center, Baylor University
Email: C_Becker@baylor.edu
Shane Tichy
Level: Postdoctoral fellow
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: Ph.D/2001/ Purdue University 
Current Position: Agilent Technologies
Yiqun Huang
Level: Postdoctoral fellow
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: Ph.D./2005/ Purdue University 
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Boston University School of Medicine
Email: yiqhuang@bu.edu

Wenjian Sun
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 2003-2007
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: B.S./1999/Beijing University of Chemical Technology; M.S./2002/University of Texas at Arlington 
Current Position: Managing Director at Shimadzu Research Laboratory (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

J. Garrett Slaton 
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1999-2007
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: B.S./1998/Trueman State University 
Current Position: R&D Projects Manager OI Analytical/Xylem Analytic, College Station, TX
Email: slaton@mail.chem.tamu.edu
Janel R. Beckley (formerly McLean)
Level: Ph.D.
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: B.A./2000/Maryville College 2000; M.S. /2003/ Cornell University 
Current Position: Research Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine; Co-founder and CEO, ProteoWorker
Brandon T. Ruotolo 
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1999-2004
Research Project: Bioanalytical Applications and Development of Analytical Methodologies for MALDI-Ion Mobility-Mass spectrometry
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/99/ St. Louis University
Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Michigan
Brian K. Bluhm
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1994-1999
Research Project: Development of a FT-ICR/Ion Mobility Spectrometer for Structure Elucidation of Gas Phase Ions.
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/94/ North Carolina State University
Current Position: Research Scientist, Los Alamos Natational Laboratory
Colby C. Tate
Level: Ph. D.
Period: 2002-2003
Research Project: MALDI High Resolution TOF
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/02/ Trinity University
Current Position
Curtiss D. Hanson
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1983-1989
Research Project: The Effect of Translational Energy on Trapping and Detection in FTICR MS
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/83/ University of Nebraska at Omaha
Current Position: Professor, U of N Iowa

Damon C. Barbacci
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1993-2000
Research Project: Photodissociation of Peptide Ions in a MALDI Reflectron TOF Mass Spectrometer
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/93/ Villanova University
Current Position: Research Scientist at Merck Research Laboratories

Donald L. Bricker
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1982-1986
Research Project: Collisional Activation Studies of Polyatomic Ions
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/82/ Southwest University
Current Position: Private Business Owner
Donna Jean Freeden
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1981-1985
Research Project: Ion-Molecule Reaction Chemistry of Transition Metal Ions
Prior Degree/Yr/Institution: BS/81/ McMurray University
Current Position Dean, College of Art/Sci, Univ of S. Carolina
Earle G. Stone
Level: Ph.D
Training Period: 1997-2003
Research Project: Development of MALDI-IM-SID-TOF Mass Spectrometer
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/97/ University of Texas at San Antonio
Current Position: Texas A&M Univesity
Eric L. Kerley
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1985-1989
Research Project: The Design and Implementation of a Two-Section FTICR Spectrometer for Ion-Molecule Reaction Studies
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BA/85/ Rollins College, Florida
Current Position: Research Scientist, Comstock, Inc.
Fred H. Strobel
Level: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Training Period: 1988-1992
Research Project: Development of Hybrid Magnetic Sector/TOF Instruments
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: Ph.D/88/ University of Delaware
Current Position: Research Scientist, Emory University
Gary R. Kinsel
Level: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Training Period: 1991-1999
Research Project: Fundamental Studies of MALDI
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: Ph.D./1989 /University of Colorado
Current Position: Professor, Southern Illinois University
Guido F. Verbeck
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1999-2004
Research Project: Separation of Electronic Isomers using FT-ICR IM TOF MS
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: MS/99 /University of Alabama @ Birmingham
Current Position: Associate Professor and Director, UNT Laboratory of Imaging Mass Spectrometry, University of North Texas
Holly A. Sawyer
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1999-2004
Research Project: Probing Protein/Peptide Conformations with Ion Mobility Mass SpectrometryPrior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/99 /Harding University, Arkansas
Current Position: Yield Engineer, Intel Corporation, Portland OR
Iddys D. Figueroa
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1995-2000
Research Project: An Investigation on the Effects of the Solvent Composition in the Sample Preparation Process on the MALDI Mass Spectra
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/93/ University of Puerto Rico
Current Position: Technical Support Manager for Pharmaceutical Operations AbbVi, Puerto Rico
J. Vincent Oriedo
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1989-1993
Research Project: Excited Versus Ground Electronic States Gas-Phase Transition Metal Ion-Molecule Chemistry
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/89/ Aurora University, Illinois
Current Position: Scientist, Inventor, and Global Research & People Leadership, Dow Chemical Company
James Watkins
Level: Ph.D. student
Training Period: 2004-2006
Research Project
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: B.S./2004/ University of Texas, Austin 
Current Position
Jessica E. Lucas
Level: M.S.
Training Period: 2000-2004
Research Project: Proteomics
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/00/ University of Texas at Dallas
Current Position
Jian Zhang
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1994-2000
Research Project: High Throughput Methodology for Library Synthesis and Encoding/Sequencing
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/92/ Shandong University, P.R. China
Current Position: University of Houston
Jianhong Wang
Level: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Training Period: 1999-2001
Research Project: Proteomics - MS
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: PhD/97/ Iowa State University
Current Position: Boulder, CO
Joseph T. Marini
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1997-2004
Research Project: Gas-Phase Reactions of Copper Ions with Sulfides, Disulfides, and ThiolsPrior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/00/ LaSalle University
Current Position: Research Scientist at Wyeth Research
Joseph W. "Oscar" Morgan
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 2000-2005
Research Project: Tandem TOF-MS with Surface Induced Disassociation
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BA/97/ Truman State University
Current Position: Senior Chemist, Midwest Research Institute (MRIGlobal)
John M. Koomen
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1998-2003
Research Project: Analysis of DNA with High Resolution MALDI and ESI Mass SpectrometryPrior Degree /Yr/Institution: MS/98/University of Texas at Houston
Current Position: H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute and Dept. of Chemistry, University of South Florida
John A. McLean
Level: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Training Period: 2001-2006
Research Project: Ion-Mobility Deposition for Protein Crystallization
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: PhD/01/ George Washington University
Current Position: Professor, Vanderbilt University
Justin M. Hettick
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1998-2003
Research Project: Optimization and Utilization of 193 nm Photofragment TOF-MS
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/98/ Truman State University
Current Position: Research Chemist, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Karen K. Campo
Level: M.S.
Training Period: 1996-1996
Research Project: The Effect of Solvent on MALDI MS
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BA/94/ St. Mary's College of Maryland
Current Position
Kent J. Gillig
Level: Ph. D./Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Training Period: 1998-2004
Research Project: Ion Mobility / TOF
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: Ph.D./97/Texas A&M University
Current Position: Visiting Scholar, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Kermit K. Murray
Level: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Training Period: 1991 -1994
Research Project: Development of Aerosol MALDI
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: Ph.D./1988/ University of Colorado
Current Position: Professor, Department of Chemistry, Louisiana State University

Larry M. Mallis
Level: Ph.D
Training Period: 1982-1987
Research Project:
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS Chemistry/1982/Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick
Current Position: Director, Critical Path Services, LLC

Lisa (Preston) Schaffer
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1989-1994
Research Project: Fundamental Studies of MALDI MS: Matricies and their Role in Ion FormationPrior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/89/Concordia College At Moorhead
Current Position: Research Scientist, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Martha N. Miller
Level: M.S.
Training Period: 1985-1987
Research Project: Investigation into the Dissociation Dynamics of Large Molecules
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/81/ University of Houston
Current Position: Motorola, Austin
Mary Gimon-Kinsel
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1991-1996
Research Project: Fundamental Studies of the Photodissociation of Large Molecules
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/91/ Texas A&M University
Current Position: Research Scientist, University of Texas at Dallas
Mary Sellers-Hann
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1985-1989
Research Project: Applications of Laser-Ion Beam Photodissociation for the Study of Diene Systems
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BA/83/ McMurry College
Current Position: Research Scientist, Novartis, Inc.
Mauro E. Castro
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1981-1987
Research Project: Development of Cs+ Ion Desorption Ionization Methods for the Analysis of Large Biomolecules by FT-ICR MS
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: MS/81/ Texas A&M University, Kingsville
Current Position: Professor, Texas A&M University, Kingsville
Michelle D. Beeson
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1990-1995
Research Project: Aerosol MALDI MS
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/90/ NorthWest Nazarene College, Nampa, ID
Current Position: Analytical Manager, Dow Chemical Company
R. E. Tecklenberg, Jr.
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1982-1986
Research Project: Laser-Ion Beam Photodissociation
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/82/ Cincinnati University
Current Position: Research Scientist, Dow Corning
Ramona E. Krailler
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1981-1985
Research Project: Development and Utilization of Laser-Ion Beam Photodissociation
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/80/ Miami University, Oxford, OH
Current Position: 

Ricky D. Edmondson
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1992-1998
Research Project: MALDI TOF-MS: Optimizing Mass Resolution and Mass Measurement Accuracy
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: 
Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Ron Fietkau
Level: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Training Period: 1982-1987
Research Project: High-Resolution FAB-MS of Organic Metallics
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: PhD/82/Kansas State University
Current Position: Professor, Georgia College & State University

Sam L. Perkins
Level: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Training Period: 2002-2006 Research Project: Proteomics - MS
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: PhD/02/Texas A&M University
Current Position: Instructor, Sam Houston State University

Scott M. Peterman 
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1995-2001 
Research Project: Development and Implementation of an In Situ Blackbody Radiation Source in an FT-ICR Mass Spectrometer 
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: MS/95/University of Northern Iowa 
Current Position: Product Manager and Senior Scientist/ Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sergei Dikler
Level: Ph.D. 
Training Period: 1995-2001
Research Project: Derivatization of Peptides for Structural Studies by MS
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: Diploma of Higher Eduation/95/Moscow, Russia
Current Position: Applications Specialist/Bruker Daltonics
Sharon J. Shields
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1994-1998
Research Project: Fragmentation in MALDI
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/94/University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
Current Position: Research Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Touradj Solouki
Level: Ph.D.
Training Period: 1990-1994
Research Project: Ion Detection and Structural MS by FT-ICR MS and MALDI
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/89/University of Texas at Tyler
Current Position: Professor, Baylor University
Xiaona Wei
Level: M.S.
Training Period: 1993-1996
Research Project: Applications of Aerosol MALDI
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: BS/93/Tsinghua University
Current Position
Zee-Yong Park
Level: Ph.D. 
Training Period: 1996-2001
Research Project: Whole Cell Protein Identification by High Resolution MALDI TOF MS
Prior Degree /Yr/Institution: MS/93/Seoul Ntl Univ, Korea
Current Position: Asst. Professor, Dept. of Life Science, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

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