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Dr. K's CHEM 102 Notes
& Old Exams & More
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All of the notes and exams are saved as pdf files, therefore you will need an Adobe Acrobat Viewer to see it. The advantage of using the Adobe Acrobat viewer is that you are able to see and print the notes as they appear on the hard copy. To download Adobe Acrobat viewer for all platforms, click here.

Answers to Math Quiz  This quiz illustrates the level of math is used in Chem 102.


Hess' Law Video
Chemical Kinetics
Mechanism Video
Equilibrium - Part 1 
Equilibrium - Part 2
Equilibrium - missing page 13
Kc Calculation Video
Aqueous Equilibrium - Acids/Bases/Salts
Aqueous Equilibrium - Buffers & Titrations
Aqueous Equilibrium - Solubility Products
Redox Reactions - Balancing
Nuclear Chemistry
Solutions Video
Ions Handout
Organic Compounds Handout
Thermodynamics Video (Part1) Video (Part2)
Chemical Kinetics Video
Equilibrium Video (Part1) Video (Part 2)
Aqueous Equilibrium - Acis/Bases/Salts Video
Aqueous Equilibrium - Buffers & Titrations Video
Aqueous Equilibrium - Nine Systems
Aqueous Equilibrium - Solubility Products
Balancing Redox Rxns & Electrochemistry
Nuclear Reactions
Exam 1A
Exam 1B
Answers to Exam 1AB
Exam 1C
Exam 1D
Answers to Exam 1CD

Exam 2A
Exam 2B
Answers to Exam 2AB
Exam 2C
Exam 2D
Answers to Exam 2CD

Exam 3A
Exam 3B
Answers to Exam 3AB
Exam 3C
Exam 3D
Answers to Exam 3CD

Final A
Final B
Answers to Final AB
Final C
Final D
Answers to Final CD