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Appendix E


Evacuate the building at any time the “fire alarm” is activated.

If you see a fire or a toxic chemical spill or release or need medical emergency assistance:

1) Alert other nearby laboratory and office personnel of immediate danger.

Alert remainder of building and Fire Department by pulling the nearest fire alarm.

Assist any injured personnel to safety.

Go to a safe location and call or specify a co-worker to

DIAL 9-911

a) Give location where emergency assistance is needed:
Chemistry Building - Building Number: 484

Specify the Wing, if known:
Old Chemistry - ‘28 Wing
Old Chemistry - ‘32 Wing
Middle Wing - ‘59 Wing
Chemistry Annex - ‘72 Wing
New Chemistry - ‘86 Wing

and room number.

b) Give the extent of the emergency - what is involved?
c) Are people trapped in their work areas?
d) Are there known injuries?
e) Give any details that may be important to Emergency Rescue Team
(what chemicals or hazards may be involved, is radiation a factor, etc.)

Next, call the Chemistry Business Office at


and report the location of the emergency.

Exit the building and go immediately to your Assembly Area and check in with your Personnel Coordinator.

Name (Print):______________________________________ Date:__________________________

Signature:________________________________________ Wing/Room:__________ /__________

XC: Employee
      Personnel Coordinator__________________________