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Appendix F


Dear _____________________________,                             DATE


Before leaving the department at the end of your appointment, please make not of the following:

1. Return room keys to the Business Office in room 119.

2. Return your A&M faculty and staff ID card to Ms. Judy Ludwig in room 122.

3. A Health/Dental Coverage Continuation Form as required under COBRA will be mailed to your home address of ___________.
Please notify Ms. Ludwig, Room 122, ASAP, if this is incorrect.

4. Turn in your University Issued Corporate Travel Card to Financial Management Services, 1601 Texas Ave. S., College Station, (845-8772) or return to Ms. Ludwig, Room 122 and she will forward to FMS.

5. Submit your forwarding address for U.S. Postal First Class mail and email at website: After completion and if you need assistance, please see Ms. Mary Hudson in Room 122 for verification and signature. The Chemistry Department will not forward mail from a personal address. Your email account will remain open for 90 days.

6. Terminate your password on the Chemistry Department's NMR Spectrometers with Mr. Steven Silber, Room 1326.

7. Return Stockroom Authorization Card and terminate your name from all accounts and projects in the Chemistry Department Research Stockroom with Mr. George Ransone, Room 014.

8. Properly label and tag for disposal all containers and waste chemicals that are not immediately needed ny other members of your research group after your departure. Take containers to Chemical Waste Disposal, Room 001G. (Requires faculty advisor signature.) __________________________

Return all "loaned" and borrowed equipment and tools.

10. Pay any telephone and Xerox bills that may be outstanding.

11. Notify the Emergency Response Team Floor Personnel Coordinator of your departure date. (Requires Personnel Coordinator signature.) __________________________

12. Complete and return to Ms. Ludwig, the attached "Post Employment Information Release" and "Employee Personal Data" (to expedite W2 forwarding) forms. A copy of your "Post Employment Information Release" form will be forwarding to your supervisor/advisor.

13. If you are an internal visitor, complete and return to Ms. Ludwig the attached "Departure Notification Form".

14. Please be aware of the University Sick Leave Program. Terminating employees, who will lose their sick leave, are encouraged to donate time to the pool. Please see Ms. Ludwig if you would like to help others by donating your sick leave time.

15. Return parking permit to Transportation Services, Room 118, Koldus.

16. Ensure arrangements are complete with Ms. Ludwig or Ms. Mary Morgan in Room 121 regarding distribution of your last paycheck and lump sum vacation payment, if any.

The above mentioned procedures must be in compliance before your last paycheck is released. Please return this document to Ms. Ludwig.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Ronald G. Carter
Assistant Department Head


XC: Supervisor