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Wooley Group Members, Spring 2014
The Wooley Group, Spring 2014

*Also pictured are Dr. Katharina Landfester (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research), Dr. Karl Haider and Dr. Don Wardius (Bayer MaterialScience).

Our research interests are focused broadly upon the design, synthesis and characterization of unique polymers, with emphasis upon the development of synthetic methodologies that allow for the preparation of complex nanostructured materials. Just as typical synthetic chemists prepare molecules of specific stereochemistry and connectivity, using natural products as the targets to exercise their craft, we are identifying nanoscopic natural products, e.g. viral capsids, lipoproteins, and even dolphin skin, as synthetic targets. We do not attempt, however, to synthesize exactly these structures, but rather, to produce synthetic materials that capture the basic structural and functional elements.


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