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Codi Anne Sanders

Ph.D. Student
BS, Chemistry, 2009- Texas A&M University
Department of Chemistry
Texas A&M University
College Station TX 77845
Tel :+1-979-845-1966
Fax : +1-979-845-7177
Email :
Member since : 2008

My research focuses on expanding the family of molecular magnets based on hexacyanometallates of the 4d and 5d transition metals Os(III) and Ru(III). These congeners of Fe(III) have not been well studied due to difficulties in their synthesis and limited number of soluble salts. Currently I am investigating the magnetic properties of mixed metal clusters of these elements with 3d metal ions in an effort to probe the role of increased anisotropy and the differences in exchange interactions among the transition metals from the first, second and third rows.

Department of Chemistry | Texas A&M University | State of Texas