Sczepanski Research Group

Department of Chemistry



The Sczepanski Laboratory’s Typhoon FLA 9500 imager. We use this instrument to visualize DNA and RNA.

The Sczepanski Laboratory’s 8909 DNA synthesizer. Many of the DNA and RNA molecules used in our research require significant modification. We use this instrument to chemically synthesize these modified oligonucleotides.

The Sczepanski Laboratory’s vacuum concentrator (Speed-vac).

Gel electrophoresis area. We run a lot of gels in the Sczepanski Laboratory!

The Sczepanski Laboratory’s GloMax Discover plate reader.

These dual deli cases are home to our FPLC system and other supplies that require refrigeration.

The Sczepanski Laboratory’s Nanodrop 2000 UV spectrophotometer and CFX96 Touch equipped qRT-PCR system.

The Sczepanski Laboratory’s biosafety cabinet. This allows us to perform experiments on sensitive mammalian cell lines.

The EVOS fluorescence microscope enables the automated, real-time analysis of complex systems in live cells.

Our advanced HPLC system speeds up the purification of a variety of synthetic molecules prepared in our laboratory!.


Sczepanski Lab's Summer BBQ 2016

Sczepanski Lab's Holilday Party 2018