Sczepanski Research Group

Department of Chemistry

Group Focus

The Sczepanski Research Group combines expertise in chemical biology, nucleic acid chemistry, molecular biology, and directed evolution, in order to develop novel tools for studying, monitoring, and modulating nucleic acid-related biological processes. We are currently involved in the following major areas:

  • Use of chemical biology approaches to investigate the relationships between chromatin structure and DNA modifications.
  • Engineering L-DNA nanodevices and circuitry capable of analyzing and manipulating molecular information in living systems.
  • Development of nucleic acid-based affinity reagents and catalysts for practical biomedical applications.
  • Investigating how oligonucleotides of opposite stereochemistry interact, both in terms of molecular recognition and catalysis.
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Our unique approach exploits both enantiomers of DNA and RNA to develop novel tools, devices and therapeutics.