Ozerov Research Group
Organometallics, Catalysis, Energy

Texas A&M University, Department of Chemistry
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Alkyne C-H Borylation Catalyst Aryl Halide Coupling Catalyst C-F Activation Catalyst First Bis(Methylene) Complex First Covalent Pd-Zn Bond Silylium Zwitterion

Ozerov group Fall 2018

Ozerov Group - Dec 2018

Front Row: Patricio Castillo, Brandy Adolph, S. Olivia Gunther, Yihan Cao, Cheng-Han (Andy) Yu, and Bryan Foley.

Back Row: Ruth Ann Gholson, Qingheng Lai, Derek Leong, Mario Cosio, Ming-Uei Hung, Yanwu Shao, Jorge Garduño, Vinh Nguyen, Alex Kosanovich, and Dr. Oleg Ozerov .


The projects in our group typically involve transition metal or main group organometallic chemistry but are diverse and cover a wide variety of synthetic and mechanistic work. The ideal-case research scheme consists of:

1) discovery of a new reaction or a structural environment;

2) demonstration of unusual reactivity, structural, or electronic novelty;

3) application of these findings to develop a new catalytic process.

The training of students in our group is not built around a narrow research theme but instead aims to help students mature into problem-solving practicing synthetic chemists through exposure to diverse research experiences.

For more specific areas of research along with representative Ozerov Group publications, please see our Research Page.






  • "Addition of O-H, N-H and F-H Bonds across a Boryl-Iridium Unit" is published.
  • "Silver Halide Complexes of a Borane/Bis(Phosphine) Ligand" is published.
  • "Synthesis and Characterization of Unsaturated Manganese(I) and Rhenium(I) Dicarbonyl Complexes Supported by an Anionic PNP Pincer" is published .
  • Alex Kosanovich successsfully defends his Ph.D.!
  • Jorge Garduño returns to UNAM, Mexico City after a successful tour as a visiting scholar.
  • Ming-Uei Hung defends his preliminary Exam.
  • Yihan Cao defends her Preliminary Exam.
  • Olivia Gunther defends her Preliminary Exam.
  • Dr. Ozerov is appointed to the Emile and Marta Schweikert Professorship in Chemistry.
  • Brandy Adolph, Derek Leong and Vinh Nguyen join the Ozerov Group!
  • Jorge Garduño, a visiting Scholar, joins the Group from, UNAM, Mexico City for the Fall.
  • "Synthesis and Reactivity of Pincer-Type Cobalt Silyland Silylene Complexes," is published.
  • For a complete list of news, past and present, see: Group News.

Dr. Oleg Ozerov
Department of Chemistry
Texas A&M University
P.O. Box 30012
College Station, Texas 77842-3012
PHONE: 979-845-5870 | EMAIL: ozerov@chem.tamu.edu
Office Room # 004

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