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Alkyne C-H Borylation Catalyst Aryl Halide Coupling Catalyst C-F Activation Catalyst First Bis(Methylene) Complex First Covalent Pd-Zn Bond Silylium Zwitterion

Group News


Oct 2019 Sam Lee joins the Ozerov Group.
June 2019 Bryan marries Ms. Katie Snyder in a beautiful ceremony, Congrats to the Foley's!
  Alex leaves A&M for a position with Dow Chemical near Houston, TX.
May 2019 Ashley Braaksma joins the Ozerov Group as an REU student for the summer working with Mario Cosio.
Feb 2019 Alex marries Ms. Josephine Patton, Congrats to the Kosanoviches!
Feb 2019 Alex defends his Ph.D. Congrats Dr. Kosanovich!
Dec 2018 Jorge Garduño, visiting scholar returns to UNAM, Mexico City
  Ming-Uei Hung passes his preliminary Exam!
  Yihan Cao passes her preliminary Exam!
Nov 2018 Olivia Gunther passes her preliminary Exam!
Oct 2018 Vinh Nguyen joins the Ozerov Group.
  Derek Long joins the Ozeorv Group.
  Brandy Adolph joins the Ozerov Group.
  Oleg is appointed to the Emile and Marta Schweikert Professorship in Chemistry!
  Jorge Garduño, joins the Ozerov Group as a visiting scholar from UNAM, Mexico City.
June 2018 Derek Leong, a graduate of Truman State, joins the Ozerov Group as a Summer Research Assistant.
  Brandy Adolph, a graduate of SELU, joins the Ozerov Group as a Summer Research Assistant.
May 2018 Patricio Castillo, A&M class of 2020, joins the Ozerov Group as a Summer Research Assistant.
  Ming-Uei receives the "Outstanding Teaching Assistant" Award in Chemistry for Spring 2018.
  Alex receives the J.E.M.S. Scholarship for Collaborative Research.
  Alex receives the Thomas J. Hairston Memorial Graduate Scholarship - Congrats.
December 2017 Mario Cosio joins the Ozerov group!
September 2017 Dr. Chris Pell leaves for a position at Intel Corporation, in Portland, Oregon.
  Dr. Wei-Chun leaves for a new position with Formosa Plastics in Point Comfort, TX.
August 2017 Aldo and Jim return to their respective Colleges after their REU experience.
July 2017 Wei-Chun defends his Ph.D.
  Chris defends his Ph.D.
June 2017 Aldo Jordan from UT- El Paso and Jim Zhang from Carleton University join us for REU experience.
May 2017 Olivia is awarded the "Outstanding Teaching Assistant" award in Chemistry for Spring 2017.
April 2017 Alex is awarded the Richard W. Schmude, Jr. Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry.
  Chris is awarded the Sharon Dabney Memorial Scholarship for excellence in Chemistry.
December Qingheng Lai passed his prelimary Exam!
October 2016 Wei-Chun Shih and wife Chia-Hsiu' welcome a son to their family
  Yihan Cao, Olivia Gunther, and Yanwu Shao offically join the Ozerov Group.
September 2016 Ming-Uei Hung joins the Ozerov group!
August 2016 Dr. Chandra Palit leaves for his new position with the Intel Corporation in Portland, OR.
  Chandra and Loren graduate TAMU, Congrats Dr. Palit and Dr. Press!
  Ben travels home after a successful REU experience.
  Chris gives an oral presntation at the BASF-TAMU Symposium.
July 2016 Oleg presents at ICOMC in Melbourne, Australia.
  Oleg presents at the IONIC VIPEr workshop in Ann Arbor, MI
  Oleg presents at the 99th CSC meeting in halifax, Nova Scotia.
June 2016 Oleg and Wei Chun present at the Gordon Research Conference on Organometallic Chemistry in RI.
  Ruth Ann Gholson joins the group as an administrative assistant.
May 2016 Loren defends his Ph.D.
  Chandra defends his Ph.D.
  Chris gives an oral presentaion at the Dow Symposium.
  Bryan receives a Teaching Award from the 1st Year Chemistry Program.
  REU student Ben Morse, class of 2016 Ithica College, joins the Ozervo Group for the summer.
  Chris receives the Marie and Jim H. Galloway Graduate Scholarship.
April 2016 Alex passes his preliminary exam.
  Oleg presents at the ACS meeting in San Diego.
March 2016 Chris travels to San Diego to present at the 251st ACS National Meeting.
  Oleg presents at the Green Chemistry Symposium at UNAM in Mexico City.
  Chris receives an ACS Divsion of Inorganic Chermistry Travel Award .
February 2016 Oleg attends the Royal Society of Chemistry Editors Symposium in London, UK.
December 2015 Linda says good-bye to the O Group, and leaves for the green pastures of retirement.
  Oleg and Wei-Chun travel to Hawaii for the Pacifichem Conference.
November 2015 Wei-Chun has been awarded a Graduate Student Presentation travel grant by the TAMU Office of Graduate & Professional Studies. Way to go, Wei-Chun!
October 2015 Bryan Foley and Andy (Cheng-Han) Yu officially join the Ozerov group!
September 2015 Pat Hubbard leaves the group to join Professor Blumel; Soomin Park leaves the group to join Porfessor Nippe.
  Our latest Angewandte paper (pub #75) is highlighted in C&EN News! See the story.
  Chun-I gets married.
August 2015 Oleg, Wei-Chun, and Alex attend and present at the 250th National ACS meeting in Boston.
July 2015 Cover of Organometallics (thanks to Jess, Chun-Yu Chen, and Mira Lee!) showcases work on rhodium boryl chemistry by Chun-I and Nate. See story.
  Chris attends the Center for Enabling New Technology through Catalysis (CENTC) summer school.
  Oleg attends and presents at the annual Organometallic Gordon Research Conference in RI.
  Jess successfully defends for her Ph.D., and then leaves for her new job at BASF in Charlotte, North Carolina.
May 2015 Welcome to Bryan Foley, joining the O Group to conduct summer research.
  Alex serves on a Gifted and Talented Panel for Gifted Students in Bloomington, MN.
March 2015 Oleg and Chandra travel to Denver, Colorado for the 249th National ACS Meeting.
January 2015 Chun-I leaves for his new position at Formosa Plastics. Best of luck, Dr. Lee!
  The O Group celebrates at Taz Indian Cuisine before Chun-I's departure for his new job.
  Wei-Chun gets married.
November 2014 Chun-I successfully defends for his Ph.D.
  New O group grad student Alex Kosanovich featured in College of Science promotional video. See film.
  Oleg presents and recruits at the ACS SWRM in Ft. Worth.
  Wei-Chun passes his preliminary exam.
  Former O Group member Valerie Scott, now involved in big project for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. See story.
October 2014 Rodrigo successfully defends for his Ph.D., then leaves for his new job at the Max Planck Institute in Germany.
  The O Group welcomes 4 new members: Alex Kosanovich, Pat Hubbard, Soomin Park, and Qingheng Lai.
September 2014 Chris passes his preliminary exam.
August 2014 Dr. Sam Timpa leaves for his new position with BASF in Pittsburgh.
  Oleg presents at the 248th National ACS Mtg. in San Francisco.
  Rodrigo, soon to graduate, accepts a job with the Max Planck Institute in Germany.
July 2014 Oleg and Jessica present talks at the Organometallic Chemistry Gordon Research Conference in RI.
  Dr. Jill Davidson leaves for her new position at NALCO Champion near Houston, TX.
  Alex Kosanovich, a soon to be TAMU graduate student, joins the O group for the summer to conduct research.
June 2014 Jill presents a successful Ph.D. final defense. Way to go, Dr. Davidson!
  Chun-I, soon to graduate, accepts a job as Research Scientist with Formosa Plastics.
  Sam successfully defends for his Ph.D. Yay, Dr. Timpa!
May 2014 Oleg travels to Rehovot, Israel to visit with his collaborator, Dr. David Milstein of the Weizmann Institute.
April 2014 Jill, soon to graduate, accepts a job with NALCO Champion, a division of Ecolab.
March 2014 Chun-I wins 2nd place in the poster division at the university-wide Student Research Week competition.
  Oleg and most of the O Group travel to Dallas to present group research at the 247th National ACS Mtg.
January 2014 Sam, soon to graduate, accepts a job with BASF.
October 2013 Undergrad Reid McCorkle joins the group to do research.
  Jose Veleta joins the O group.
  Dr. K, expected to be a valued support for the O group, arrives in office 022.
September 2013 Oleg, Jill, Sam, and Chelsea attend/give talks at the 246th ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis.
August 2013 Morgan leaves the group, his postdoc stint at an end, for a position as Postdoctoral Researcher at the U of Alberta.
  Nate and John depart for their respective homes and their last year of undergrad studies.
  Rafael leaves for his new job as Senior Scientist at Dow Chemical.
  Jessica wins 1st place for her oral presentation, Nate wins 2nd place for his poster at the BASF Symp.
  Morgan, Jill, Nate, and Chun-I present posters, Jessica gives an oral presentation at the BASF Symposium.
July 2013 Rafael defends, and passes his Ph.D. exam.
  Oleg and Chun-I attend/present at the Organometallic Chemistry Gordon Research Conference in RI.
June 2013 Oleg attends and presents at the INEOS Symposium in Moscow, honoring Russian colleague Mark Vol'pin .
  REU student John Dekarske, class of 2014 Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, joins the O group for the summer.
May 2013 Undergrad Nathanael (Nate) Hirscher, U. of Virginia class of 2014, joins the O group for the summer.
  The O group welcomes back TAMU undergrads Chan Park and Samantha Yreugas, working for the summer.
April 2013 Dr. David Milstein of the Weizmann Institute, involved in a collaborative project with Oleg, visits Texas A&M.
  Jessica receives the 2013 International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) Student Award.
  Oleg gives a talk and Loren presents a poster at the Natl. ACS Mtg. in New Orleans.
  Chandra passes his preliminary exam.
March 2013 Chun-I wins 1st prize for his graduate poster presentation at Student Research Week at TAMU.
  Chelsea wins the ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Award for Undergraduate Research.
  Chelsea wins Honorable Mention for the NSF Graduate Fellowship Award.
December 2012 Loren passes his preliminary exam.
November 2012 Jessica passes her preliminary exam.
October 2012 Wei-Chun Shih joins the O group.
September 2012 Oleg leaves for a series of European conferences and seminar presentations, including the Intl. Conf. on Organometallic Chemistry in Lisbon, Portugal and the Intl. Conf. on Catalysis in Organic Synthesis in Moscow, Russia, and invited guest speaker at Universite Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France.
August 2012 Oleg, Jessica, Chandra, Billy, Chan, and Samantha attend/present at the ACS Conference in Philadelphia.
  Chris Pell rejoins the O group .
July 2012 Oleg and Morgan present group research at the Organometallic Gordon Conference in Newport, RI.
  Chelsea Mandell joins the O group.
  Chrissy passes her final defense, and leaves for her teaching position in League City, TX.
  Missy and Samantha present their summer research at the REU Poster Session.
June 2012 REU student Melissa (Missy) Schumacher joins the group for the summer.
  Undergrad group members Chan and Samantha also participate in REU for the summer.
May 2012 Oleg travels to California for the CCI Solar site review.
April 2012 Oleg visits southern California and gives talks at Caltech and UCLA.
  Chrissy, soon to graduate, accepts a chemistry teaching position at Clear Springs HS for fall 2012.
  Weixing and wife welcome a new baby boy.
  Oleg visits Toronto and gives talks at several area universities.
March 2012 Jill, Sam, Chun-I, Rafael, and Oleg attend/give presentations at the ACS Conf. in San Diego.
  Oleg receives the Pure Chemistry national award at the ACS conference.
February 2012 Oleg receives the Welch Foundation's Norman Hackerman Award. See the press release and video.
January 2012 Yanjun leaves the group for a position as Process Scientist at Momentive in Tarrytown, NY.
  Oleg, Chandra, Jessica, Jill, and Samantha attend the annual CCI Solar Retreat.
December 2011 Yanjun defends, and receives her Ph.D.
  Jill passes her preliminary exam.
November 2011 Chandra, Sam, Jessica, Chun-I, and Rodrigo attend/present posters at the ACS SWRM in Austin.
  Chun-I passes his preliminary exam.
October 2011 Oleg is notified that he will receive the prestigious ACS Pure Chemistry Award for 2012.
  Weixing leaves for a postdoctoral position at Northwestern University under Tobin Marks.
September 2011 Weixing defends, and receives his Ph.D.
  Dave leaves the group for a postdoctoral position at Caltech under Theo Agapie.
  Sam passes his preliminary examination.
  Undergrads Samantha Yruegas and Chan Park join the Ozerov group.
August 2011 Chris concludes his REU summer and returns to studies at SUNY-Plattsburgh.
June 2011 REU student Chris Pell joins the group for the summer.
  Chrissy marries Dave Brammell at a romantic beach setting in the Bahamas.
May 2011 Billy & fam. leave for his SMART internship at Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Div., China Lake, CA.
  Billy is formally admitted to candidacy for PhD program.
April 2011 Dan leaves the group and returns to the UK.
  Billy passes his preliminary examination.
March 2011 Dan, Dave, and Oleg present at the Anaheim ACS meeting.
  Rafael passes his preliminary examination.
January 2011 Rafael presents at the annual CCI Solar retreat.
  Elynna wins a scholarship to attend Wash U in St. Louis.
  Linda Redd joins the group as the new administrative assistant.
  Justin leaves the group to start his faculty position in Missouri.
  Claudia Fafard (PhD 2009) earns a position with Air Liquide.
December 2010 Oleg organizes a C-F Activation symposium at Pacifichem-2010.
  Doris graduates and leaves for greener pastures.
  The IT PureSolv system is delivered.
  Oleg presents at the SWRM/SERMACS in New Orleans.
November 2010 Rodrigo passes his preliminary examination.
October 2010 Second batch of Vigor gloveboxes arrives, now nine total.
  Chandra Mouli Palit joins the group.
August 2010 Rafael, Rodrigo, and Oleg present at the Boston ACS meeting.
  Adam concludes REU stint to return to studies at Bloomsburg U.
July 2010 Oleg presents at the Organometallic Gordon Conference.
June 2010 Justin presents at Notre Dame and at the Inorganic Gordo.
  Jessica DeMott returns to the group as a research assistant.
  Chrissy Hamill returns to the group yet again, now as a new graduate student.
  Oleg presents at the DOE-BES Catalysis Sciences meeting in Annapolis, MD.
May 2010 Adam Miller joins the group as an REU participant.
  Dave presents at the 2010 CSC in Toronto.
  Congratulations to Justin Walensky on a faculty position at U Missouri, starting next year.
  Aaron graduates, gets a job with ExxonMobil, sticks around for a bit.
  Dan, Rafael, and Oleg participate in the CCI Solar site review.
  Oleg joins the Advisory Editorial Board of Chemical Science.
April 2010 Aaron wins the undergraduate award by the ACS Div. of Inorganic Chemistry.
  Weixing wins the Schmude, Jr. Endowed Graduate Student Scholarship.
  New GC instrument delivered and installed.
March 2010 Billy wins the SMART Scholarship.
  Aaron, Yanjun, Chrissy and Oleg present at the San Francisco ACS meeting.
January 2010 Rafael, Billy, Aaron, Elynna, and Oleg present at the CCI Solar retreat in CA.
November 2009 Dan Smith joins the group as a postdoc.
October 2009   Elynna Youm joins the group to work on a Solar Shark project.
  New graduate students Chun-I Lee, Loren Press, and Sam Timpa join the group.
  Dave Herbert joins the group as a postdoc.
August 2009 Oleg presents at the Int'l Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry .
  Chrissy departs to complete her senior year of college at Westminster.
  Panida departs the group for a fellowship in MPI-Muelheim, Germany .
July 2009 Jill Davidson joins the group.
  Weixing, Panida, and Oleg at the Organometallic Gordo.
  New UV-Vis spectrometer delivered.
June 2009 Oleg presents at the Inorganic Gordo.
  Five new Vigor gloveboxes delivered and installed.
  Alyssa Young joins the group.
May 2009 Chrissy Hamill returns for another REU stint.
  Aaron Hollas joins the group.
  Rodrigo Ramirez joins the group.
April 2009 Claudia defends, joins the Thomas group as a postdoc.
  Doris Maduka joins the group as an administrative assistant.
February 2009 Oleg, Rafael, Billy, and Dan attend the CCI retreat and the Solar Fuels GRC.
January 2009 Deborha leaves the group.
  Our 150+ shipping boxes arrive to TAMU.
  Weixing and Yanjun arrive to Texas.
  The group officially joins CCI Solar.
  Panida Surawatanawong joins the group.
  Oleg is appointed professor of chemistry with tenure.
December 2008 Oleg treks to Texas; Claudia and Deborha stay at Brandeis.
  Oleg receives courtesy adjunct appointment at Brandeis for 2009.
  Oleg resigns position at Brandeis to leave for Texas A&M.
  The Great Giveaway of the lab takes place.
  Dan Graham switches to the Thomas group.
November 2008 Nagaraj leaves the group.
October 2008 Billy McCulloch and Rafael Huacuja pre-join the group at Texas A&M.
September 2008 Baofei switches groups to join Prof. Christine Thomas.
August 2008 Science Paper comes out, gets Press Reaction.
  Sam Timpa and Chrissy Hamill return to home bases after an REU summer.
  Six posters and two talks at the Philly ACS meeting.
July 2008 Laura Gerber returns to the group for several weeks.
  Oleg presents at the Organometallic Gordon Conference.
  Yanjun presents at the Gordon Graduate Seminar in Organometallic Chemistry.
June 2008 Chris leaves the group to start a postdoc at University of Colorado.
  Christina Hamill and Sam Timpa join the group as REU participants.
May 2008 Weixing presents at the DOE Contractors meeting.
  Shoshanna Barnett graduates with a BA/MS, heads to UW - Seattle for grad school.
  Mayank Puri graduates with a BA/MS, starts working at QD Vision.
April 2008 Dan wins Schiff Fellowship.
  Chris and Oleg present at the ACS meeting in New Orleans.
March 2008 Baofei Pan joins the group.
  We welcome new assistant professors Christine Thomas and Isaac Krauss!
  Yanjun passes the qualifying exam.
November 2007 The new "base-free" glovebox arrives (courtesy of partial DOE support).
  Weixing passes the qualifying exam.
October 2007 Nagaraj joins the group.
September 2007 Sylvain leaves the group and departs for Paris.
August 2007 Anthony Fernandez returns to Merrimack but will continue collaborating.
  Alyson Christopher graduates with an MS and starts at Cabot Corp.
  Emily Pelton returns to Gustavus.
  Eight posters and four talks at the Boston ACS meeting!
July 2007 Oleg presents at the Organometallic Gordo.
  Claudia presents at the Gordo Organometallic Graduate Seminar.
June 2007 Emily Pelton joins the group for the summer as an REU student.
  Mayank Puri returns to the group after a year abroad in England.
  Dan Graham joins the group.
May 2007 Oleg presents at the Canadian Chemistry Conference in Winnipeg.
  Laura Gerber graduates with a BA/MS, will head to Berkeley after Fulbright in Norway.
  Deborha travels to Cardiff for her Ph.D. defense.
  Mason departs for California for a position with Heraeus.
April 2007 Lauren Gregor returns to the group for a brief research spell.
  Oleg is named Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar.
March 2007 Anthony Fernandez presents at the Chicago ACS meeting.
  Laura Gerber wins a Fulbright Fellowship.
February 2007 Deborha Bacciu joins the group.
January 2007 Chris Douvris joins the group.
December 2006 Wei Weng defends, leaves for a postdoc with Prof. Jordan at U Chicago.
  Weixing Gu joins the group.
November 2006 Two new gloveboxes and a solvent purification system are installed.
October 2006 Oleg is promoted to associate professor with tenure.
  Yanjun Zhu joins the group.
  Laura and Sylvain present posters at BRIC-11 in UMass – Dartmouth.
  Mason Haneline joins the group.
September 2006 Shoshanna Barnett joins the group.
  Guolin Xu departs for a position with IM&T Research, Inc.
  Shannon returns to "the Dodge".
  Jessica, Laura, and Oleg present at the San Francisco ACS meeting.
August 2006 Mayank Puri departs for a year abroad at University College London.
  Jessica DeMott leaves the group to start her PhD studies at Stanford.
  Lei Fan graduates with a PhD, leaves for a postdoc at U Alberta with Prof. Fenniri.
  Guolin Xu joins the group.
July 2006 Alyson Christopher joins the group.
  Wei Weng accepts a postdoc position with Prof. Jordan at U Chicago.
  Sylvain Gatard presents at the ICOMC in Zaragoza, Spain.
  Sylvain and Oleg present at the Organometallic Gordon Conference.
June 2006 Shannon Finnell joins the group as an REU participant for 3 months.
  Anthony Fernandez joins the group on sabbatical from Merrimack.
  Oleg speaks at the NSF Workshop on Inorganic Chemistry.
May 2006 Oleg speaks at the Department of Energy Contractors Meeting.
  Mayank Puri joins the group.
  Sophia White graduates with an MS degree, starts job at Lexington High.
  Lauren Gregor graduates with a BS degree, leaves for student teaching.
  Jessica DeMott graduates with a BS degree, stays on for the summer.
March 2006 Laura Gerber wins several awards for the summer of 2006, chooses REU.
  Jessica, Lauren, Claudia, Wei, Sylvain, and Oleg present at the Atlanta ACS meeting.

Dr. Oleg Ozerov
Department of Chemistry
Texas A&M University
P.O. Box 30012
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PHONE: 979-845-5870 | EMAIL: ozerov@chem.tamu.edu