Ozerov Research Group
Organometallics, Catalysis, Energy

Texas A&M University, Department of Chemistry

Ozerov Spring 2020

Ozerov Group - March 2020

Front Row: Yihan Cao, Bryan Foley, S. Olivia Gunther, Vinh Nguyen, and Cheng-Han (Andy) Yu

Back Row: Dr. Oleg Ozerov, Patricio Castillo, Ming-Uei Hung, Derek Leong, Brandy Adolph, Qingheng Lai, Sam Lee, Yanwu Shao


The projects in our group typically involve transition metal or main group organometallic chemistry but are diverse and cover a wide variety of synthetic and mechanistic work. The ideal-case research scheme consists of:

1) discovery of a new reaction or a structural environment;

2) demonstration of unusual reactivity, structural, or electronic novelty;

3) application of these findings to develop a new catalytic process.

The training of students in our group is not built around a narrow research theme but instead aims to help students mature into problem-solving practicing synthetic chemists through exposure to diverse research experiences.

For more specific areas of research along with representative Ozerov Group publications, please see our Research Page.






    For a complete list of news, past and present, see: Group News.

Dr. Oleg Ozerov
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