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Thanks for visiting the Nippe Group website! We are an inorganic research group at Texas A&M with interests in the areas of molecular electrocatalysis and molecular magnetism. Our research explores various inorganic approaches to contribute to the development of novel systems for molecular solar energy conversion, small molecule activation, and molecules for information storage. We study fundamental aspects of reactivity and electronic structure aiming at identifying critical design elements of molecular architectures that will lead to new discoveries and systematic performance improvements. Synthetic methods build the foundation of the group, which are complimented by a broad array of spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques.

We are seeking students who are interested in creative inorganic synthesis, structure-function relationships in catalysis, and electronic structure of heterometallic d-block/f-block complexes.


Activation and energy-efficient conversion of small molecules such as CO2 and N2 remains a challenging area of global importance. Development of efficient electrocatalytic systems for CO2 reduction will establish artificial photosynthetic systems. Our research targets systematic design and synthesis of transition metal based electrocatalytic systems to investigate: secondary coordination sphere effects on electrocatalysis; intramolecular interactions between imidazolium and CO2 through functionalized Lehn-type catalysts; and modified reaction pathways to further understand catalytic cycles.

Molecular Magnetism

Single-molecule magnets (SMMs) offer the unique possibility for molecular scale, high-density data storage using the switchable orientation of their molecular spin. Lanthanides, in particular, have a lot of potential due to their unquenched orbital momentum. By optimizing the ligand field, we can increase the magnetic barrier and improve magnetic properties. We are also interested in multifunctional molecules that can alter their physical or chemical properties predictively in the presence of an outside trigger. This includes the use of reversible electron transfer to alter magnetization dynamics in lanthanide complexes.

Heterometallic Interactions

We are working on elucidating the effects of heterometallic interactions on static and dynamic magnetic properties as well as spectroscopic features of lanthanide ions. The fundamental scientific understanding of these interactions has been explored in complexes containing the first reported lanthanide-transition metal bonds. Understanding the consequences of these bonding and electronic interactions on the dynamic magnetic properties of various lanthanide ions will guide the development of new molecules for future data processing and storage.

Actinide Chemistry

We are in the process setting up a radioactive elements lab! Called AggieRad, this facility has two new gloveboxes for inert-atmosphere actinide chemistry as well as a multitude of characterization techniques specifically desgined for radioactive elements.


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A High-Performance Single-Molecule Magnet Utilizing Dianionic Aminoborolide Ligands

Molecular Magnetism, Computations

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Nickel-Borolide Complexes and Their Complex Electronic Structure

Electrocatalysis, Computations

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Efficient Redox-Neutral Photocatalytic Formate to CO by Long-Range Hot Electron Transfer

Photocatalysis, Small Molecule Activation

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Breaking the short-range proximity requirement in quantum dot/molecular catalyst hyrbids

Hybrid Catalyst Systems, Electron Transfer

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Axial Elongation of Mononuclear Lanthanide Ruthenocenophanes

Molecular Magnetism, Computations

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Trends in Trigonal Prismatic Ln-[1]Ferrocenophane Complexes

Molecular Magnetism, Computations

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Our Members

Dr. Michael Nippe

Michael Nippe

Princpal Investigator
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

PostDoc, UC Berkeley
PhD Chemistry, UW Madison

Branford Wilkins

Branford Wilkins

Graduate Student, 8th year

B.S. Chemistry, Univeristy of South Carolina-Columbia

Gayle Bornovski

Gayle Bornovski

Graduate Student, 6th year

B.S. Chemistry, Brandeis Univeristy

James Vanjak

James Vanjak

Graduate Student, 6th year

B.S. Chemistry, NC State Univeristy

Carmen Ni

Zhen 'Carmen' Ni

Graduate Student, 5th year

B.S. Chemical Eng. & Chemistry,
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
previous publications


Seungjin Oh

Graduate Student, 5th year

M.S. Chemistry, Chung-Ang University
B.S. Chemistry, Chung-Ang University
previous publications


Annie Schmautz

Graduate Student, 4th year

B.S. Chemistry, University of Montana
B.A. Sociology, University of Montana
previous publications


Jacob Palmer

Graduate Student, 4th year

B.S. Chemistry, Slippery Rock University


Mary Beall

Graduate Student, 3rd year

B.A. Chemistry, Albion College


Valerie Kreisel

Graduate Student, 3rd year

B.S. Chemistry, University of Florida
B.M. Music, University of Florida


Zachary Chavez

Graduate Student, 1st year

M.S. Chemistry, UC San Diego
B.S. Chemistry, UC San Diego


Cara Ledbetter

Undergraduate Student, Sophomore

Major: Chemistry



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Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Apoorva Upadhyay; INDO-US Fellow 2017-2018

Postdoctoral Fellow, Wayne-State University

Dr. Davinder Kumar; Postdoctoral Researcher 2015-2016

Assistant Professor, Thapar University

Graduate Researchers

Dr. Jeremy Meeder; Doctoral Student 2015-2022

Postdoctoral Fellow, Argonne National Lab

Dr. Gabrielle Risica; Doctoral Student 2015-2021

Program Officer, NASEM

Dr. Trevor Latendresse; Doctoral Student 2015-2021

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

Dr. Courtney Dickie; Doctoral Student 2014-2018

TD Module and Integration Yield Engineer, Intel

Dr. Corey Burns; Doctoral Student 2014-2019

Chemistry Instructor, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Dr. Siyoung Sung; Doctoral Student 2014-2019

Module Engineer at Intel Corporation

Soomin Park; Masters Student 2015-2016

Marcos Gil-Sepulcre; Visiting Student Summer 2016

Undergraduate Researchers

Willie Langston; Summer 2015

Dana Sublett; 2015-2016

Larry Vernier; 2015-2017

Adam Burkhard; 2015-2017

Emily Brackhahn; 2015-2017

Steven Granzin; 2016-2017

Zachary Grant; 2018

Jesse Martinez; REU 2019

David Rothenberg; 2019-2020

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