News & Activities


  • 05/23~ 05/24/2019: Hosting the first Texas Chemical Biology Conference in Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center.


  • 04/21/2019: End of Spring Semester BBQ - Welcome the group new member - Kai Yang TO VIEW PICTURES


  • 09/30/2018: 2018 Fall BBQ - Welcome the group new members - Zhi (Zachary) Geng, Joshua Trae Hampton and Chesley Rowlett TO VIEW PICTURES


  • 05/26/2018: End of 2018 Spring Semester BBQ & Farewell to Jeff Tharp TO VIEW PICTURES


  • 12/05/2017: Farewell to Dr. Kurra. Goodbye gathering in Ye Star Restaurant TO VIEW PICTURES


  • 11/11/2017: 2017 Fall BBQ - Welcome the group new members - Pen-Hsuan "Chase" Chen, Chia-Chuan Cho and Dr. Ge Yu TO VIEW PICTURES


  • 06/09/2017: Congratulation to Vangmayee Sharma for succussfully defended the PhD. final exam!
    Dr. Vangmayee Sharma! TO VIEW PICTURES