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February 2019:
Congratulations to Jihyun Kim for winning Best Poster Award at the Minerva-Gentner Symposium on MR Spectroscopy & Molecular Imaging

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Fun with Chemistry

Low-field NMR
Using the low-field NMR spectrometer that we have originally constructed for our Physical Chemistry lab class, we can demonstrate the principles of NMR. Would you have guessed that - in case you do not like reading the labels on soda cans - you can also use the NMR signal to tell the sodas apart, without even opening the can? picture 1
(printable pdf version)

Gold pennies
In this experiment, we are giving pennies a silvery zinc coat. Heating them turns this coat into a beautiful golden color. Find out why by reading the poster below. picture 2
(printable pdf version)
Credit: Sean Bowen and Thu Truong

Cronstarch Oobleck
Cornstarch Oobleck is a liquid with puzzling properties. Consisting of 40% water and 60% cornstarch, it becomes a solid when put under any kind of stress. It can be rolled into a hard ball, but as soon as you cease rolling, the ball will "re-dissolve" and flow out of your hand. picture 3
(printable pdf version)
Credit: Giridhar Sekar

Caution: All chemicals present a risk. Before carrying out an experiment on this page, make sure that you understand the dangers and safe handling practices.

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