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Fundamental High Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy, Instrumentational Development,

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Initial Ab-initio Potential Complete Vibrational Morphed Potential from Spectroscopic Data

Differentiation of the Ground Vibrational and Global Minimum Structures in Ar: HBr

  • An oft-held tenet in molecular structure that atoms
    in the ground state and equilibrium structure of
    molecular species are bound the same is violated.

  • We differentiate between the ground vibrational and
    equilibrium structures in Ar:HBr.

  • Unequivocal arrangement of the the lowest energy states
    in Ar:HBr is achieved by accurate rovibrational
    combination frequency differences.

  • A complete vibrational morphed potential is generated
    based on extensive spectroscopic data.

  • Conclusions are well within the estimated errors
    for relevant energy contours within the morphed potential.


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