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Prof. Tadhg Begley

About Professor Tadhg P. Begley


Professor Tadhg Begley received his B.Sc. from National University of Ireland in 1977 and his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology (P. Dervan) in 1982. He carried out postdoctoral studies at the University of Geneva (W. Oppolzer) and at MIT (C. Walsh) before joining the Cornell Faculty in 1986. In June 2009, he joined Texas A&M University, chemistry Department as the Barton Professor of Chemistry.

Professor Begley’s research is focused on the mechanistic enzymology of complex organic transformations, particularly those found on the vitamin biosynthetic pathways. His research group uses the principles and techniques of organic chemistry to study complex organic transformations found in vitamin biosynthetic pathways. Begley group is currently working on the biosynthesis of NAD, menaquinone, molybdopterin, thiamin, and pyridoxal phosphate.

Professor Begley has a strong interest in the development of chemical biology. He has helped organize several major conferences and is the co-organizer (with John Schwab) of the NIH sponsored Young faculty mentoring workshop. Professor Begley is the recipient of many awards, including the Merck Faculty Development Award and the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award. He recently coauthored “The organic chemistry of biological pathways” with John McMurry. He is also the editor of “Wiley Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology” a four volume set. Professor Begley is a member of the editorial boards for “Molecular Biosystems”, “Vitamins and Hormones”, “Bioorganic Chemistry”, “Chemical Biology and Drug Design”, and "Comprehensive Natural Products Chemistry".



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