Department of Chemistry
Mohamed Saber

Mohamed Saber
Visiting Scholar

Department of Chemistry
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3255

P: 979-845-3473

Current Activities

During my teaching career I taught several topics including general chemistry, inorganic chemistry, molecular spectroscopy, nano-chemistry, quantum chemistry and industrial inorganic chemistry. Within the First Year Program at TAMU I teach general chemistry to science and engineering students.

I have led research on magneto-structural studies of molecular magnetic materials, nanomaterials for energy, water and biomedical applications. Fabrication and testing of solar cells. I participated in establishing the center of environmental and smart technology (CEST) at Fayoum University, Egypt including securing funds, purchase and installation of several instruments (CVD, AFM, SEM, Time resolved PL, PPMS).

Educational Background

PhD, Chemistry, Texas A&M University, From September 2009 to Aug. 2013.

Novel Molecular magnetic materials / multifunctional molecular materials

M. Sc., Chemistry, Fayoum University, From Dec. 2006 to July 2008

Synthesis and properties investigations for novel molecular magnetic materials

Pre-Master diploma in Inorganic Chemistry, Cairo University, September 2003 to July 2004

Advanced chemistry courses

B. Sc., Chemistry, Cairo University, From September 1998 to July 2002.

Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, Fayoum University, Fayoum, Egypt. Aug 2015 – July 2018

Postdoc research/instructor Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA Sep. 2013 – Jun. 2015


  • University of Duisburg Essen, Germany, Visiting Scholar; Nov. 2017; Developing MAPI perovskite solar cell recipes with improved efficiencies.
  • Jordanian University for Science and Technology, Erbid, Jordan, Visiting Scholar; Nov. 2017; Training on gas sensor fabrication and characterization systems.
  • Rovira de Virgili University, Tarrgona, Spain, Visiting Scholar. Nov. 2016; Training on gas sensor fabrication and characterization systems.
  • Chair of the Arab German Youth Workshop, Fayoum University; Feb, 2017


  • Installation and Testing of a Lab-scale Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System for Wastewater Treatment. Academy of Science, Technology and Research. (ASRT 2017)
  • Developing simple nano-magnets for data storage and processing applications. (ASRT 2018)
  • Formulating new Nanofertilizers for enhanced seed germination and plant nutrition in wheat. (ASTR 2018).
  • Development of Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Applications (ASRT 2018)
  • Enhancement of the photocatalytic activity of titanium dioxide –reduced graphene oxide(TiO2-rGO) and Zinc oxide –reduced graphene oxide (ZnO-rGO) films (ASRT 2016)

Selected Publications

  • Magnetostructural and EPR Studies of Anisotropic Vanadium trans-Dicyanide Molecules, MR Saber, K Thirunavukkuarasu, SM Greer, S Hill, KR Dunbar, Inorganic Chemistry
  • The adsorptive properties of UiO-66 towards organic dyes: A record adsorption capacity for the anionic dye Alizarin Red S., MS Embaby, SD Elwany, W Setyaningsih, MR Saber*, Chinese journal of chemical engineering 26 (4), 731-739.
  • Photoimpedance Spectroscopy Analysis of Planar and Nano-Textured Thin-Film Silicon Solar Cells, P Kumar, D Eisenhauer, MMK Yousef, Q Shi, ASG Khalil, MR Saber, ...International Journal of Physical and Mathematical Sciences 12 (2), 57-61.
  • A comparative study on the photocatalytic degradation of organic dyes using hybridized 1T/2H, 1T/3R and 2H MoS 2 nano-sheets, MR Saber, G Khabiri, AA Maarouf, M Ulbricht, ASG Khalil, RSC advances 8 (46), 26364-26370.
  • A New Technique to Increase the Performance of Organic Acids to Stimulate Carbonate Reservoirs at High Acid Concentrations, Saber, MR, AI Rabie, HA Nasr-El-Din, SPE Kuwait Oil and Gas Show and Conference.
  • A Trigonal‐Pyramidal Erbium (III) Single‐Molecule Magnet, AJ Brown, D Pinkowicz, MR Saber, KR Dunbar, Angewandte Chemie 127 (20), 5962-5966