As a collection of graduate students living in college station, we develop a unique relationship with the surrounding community. Chemistry is visible in the world around us in a multitude of ways, regardless of whether you fully understand the whys and hows behind it. Sharing knowledge about the chemical behaviors in our everyday lives with the average people of College Station is an important aspect to our chemistry education.

Interacting with the community as a chemistry graduate student is a great way to improve scientific communication skills. The more efficiently that someone can explain scientific concepts to someone without an advanced degree in chemistry, the better. It also provides a bonding between the students of the department and the people of College Station. We are likely here for the next five years of our lives, and fostering a caring, supportive community inside and outside of the department by working together to make education fulfilling is important.

That's why we have decided to do it together! We have at least one community project going on at any one time in an attempt to improve our relationship with local schools and the community.

Current Projects

  • We are working on assembling kits for local public schools to use to provide science education to their students in a fun and hands-on way.This involves video tutorials, provided by groups around the department.

  • We are partnering with the physics and engineering departments this year to participate in a virtual festival, performing demonstrations and giving talks about chemistry in our lives, as well as some flashier things to get people interested and excited about science.