Welcome to the Graduate Student Association of Chemistry

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GSAC is composed of the entire chemistry graduate student community, organized by the GSAC representative council, and funded by the Chemistry Department. Our main goals are to advocate for student rights, to assist students within the department of chemistry in academic, extracurricular, and social aspects of graduate student life, and to serve as a liaison between chemistry graduate students, and the university, as well as chemistry department administration and faculty.

Upcoming Events

Scientific Figure Improv

Sci-F-I (Scientific Figure Improv)

Have you ever been confused by a strange scientific figure in an article? You're not alone! We'll be giving you wacky figures from real papers and you'll make up fun explanations for them. We'll start in breakout rooms to come up with the story and then share it in the main zoom room.


February Trivia

Monthly Trivia Night

Put your random knowledge to the test! We encourage you to get involved and team up with some of your fellow grads (max 4 per team) for a fun night of themed trivia.
Don't have a team? No problem! We'll match you up with some trivia buddies when you join.

Next Theme: TEXAS

Student Invited Speaker

Student Invited Speaker

Based on student nominations, five speakers are selected each year (one for each division) to come present to our student body. Schedule a time to meet with the speakers with your group and discuss your research. This is a priceless networking opportunity.

Please join us for this year's events:
Georg Seelig (Biological) - March 22
Ryan Shenvi (Organic) - April 1
Ted Betley (Inorganic) - April 7
Simon Duckett (Analytical) - April 13



We are all living in some crazy, unprecedented times and we wanted to make sure everyone is as happy, healthy, and connected as possible. Here will we host virtual events every month like happy hour and trivia night; have a space to get fit with friends by running, doing yoga or working out; have ongoing chats about your favorite sports or games (both tabletop and video games); and stay connected with your division in the department!