Department of Chemistry

Why was FASIT Formed?

Workplace climate affects how employees feel about their jobs and each other. Numerous studies have found a correlation between positive workplace climates and various measures of organizational success such as employee well-being, involvement, retention, and productivity. In order to foster a Psychologically Healthy Workplace (the underlying, evidence-based framework of the ADVANCE Program), academic departments at TAMU are engaging faculty and staff as partners in building a positive workplace climate.

How was FASIT Formed?

A focus group was created with the intent to accomplish three things:

  1. Explore the nature of the interactions between STEM faculty and staff.
  2. Identify potential viable interventions to enhance interactions between STEM faculty and staff.
  3. Elicit baseline information.

Team Members

FASIT teams are composed of equal numbers of faculty and staff. The Department of Chemistry FASIT Team Members are:

  1. Michael Green
  2. Sherry Melton
  3. Matt Shledon
  4. Coran Watanabe

FASIT Team members are asked to:

  • attend a 4-hour FASIT Team development workshop;
  • attend 2-hour quarterly FASIT Team Meetings;
  • develop an action plan to improve their departmental culture;
  • serve as liaisons for faculty and staff interaction-related issues to ADVANCE, their unit, and their college;
  • develop their own knowledge base regarding bias that impacts the faculty-staff relationship;
  • promote concepts and conversations related to issues that impact the faculty-staff relationship;
  • assist ADVANCE in the development and distribution of FASIT-related materials; and
  • coordinate faculty and staff in their unit for FASIT-related events.

Learn More about FASIT

Departments that are participating in the FASIT Program have reported greater awareness of faculty-staff interactions and the importance of working together to improve the workplace climate. Further, each FASIT Team has a venue for developing and disseminating best practices for faculty-staff interaction and consequently improving the climate in their units. If you would like to learn more about the Faculty and Staff Interaction Team (FASIT) Program please visit

For inquiries, please contact the ADVANCE Director, Chris Kaunas (979.845.1197).

ADVANCE FASIT Program Committee