Chemistry 470 - "Industrial Chemistry"

Lecture Notes

Spring Semester 2012

Patent Search Presentations

Intellectual Property Power Point Slides

Industrial Chemicals


         Review of Reaction Equilibrium

         Catalytic Kinetics

Industrial Considerations

         Reaction Evaluation

         Types of Industrial Reactors

Industrial Metallurgy

General Metallurgy

         Ferrous Metals and Alloys

         Non-Ferrous Metals

Inorganic Commodity Chemicals

         Sulfuric Acid

         Phosphorus and Phosphoric Acid

Chlorine Manufacture

         Solvay Process

Synthesis Gas Processes

         Synthesis Gas Production and Steam Reforming

         Ammonia Synthesis

         Nitric Acid Production

         Methanol Synthesis and Conversion

Petroleum Refining

         Petroleum Composition and Distillation


         Catalytic Cracking

         Catalytic Reforming

         Steam Cracking

Polymerization Processes


         Chemicals and Polymers from Ethylene


             Other Chemicals

         Chemicals and Polymers from Propylene


             Other Chemicals

         Chemicals and Polymers from the C4-C5 Stream

         Chemicals and Polymers from the BTX Stream

             Benzene and Toluene


 Automotive Exhaust Emission Control

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