What's Happening in Chemistry Circles

Issue #111 September 1, 2004

web address: http://www.chem.tamu.edu/ugrad/

[a publication of the Department of Chemistry at Texas A&M University]

written by Dr. John L. Hogg


            Twenty chemistry majors received degrees at the May 14, 2004 commencement ceremony.

            Joel Barton graduated summa cum laude (GPR > 3.9). Five students graduated with magna cum laude honors (GPR 3.70 - 3.899). They were: Laura Bourque, Amber Jensen, Jennifer McBee, Scott Peterson and Alisha Roach. Scott Peterson also received Foundation Honors for completing at least one Honors course in each Core Curriculum area with at least a 3.25 in all Honors courses. Yeo Ju Choi also received a second B.A. degree in English.

            Students receiving the B.A. degree were: Justin Amaro, Joel Barton, Yeo Choi, Vincent Delbar, Jennifer Foulke, Travis Gardner, and Heather Hall.

            Students receiving the B.S. degree were: Laura Bourque, Vanessa Chapa, Shawn Fitch, Kate Gallagher, Amber Jensen, Jeffery Johnson, Jr., Marti (Sebesta) Kubena, Jennifer McBee, Scott Peterson, Alisha Roach, Matthew Rowan, Adam Rowland, and Creshaun Zewalk.


            Seven chemistry students completed degree requirements and received their diplomas on August 13. Cameron Hall, Daniel Hollas, Russell Parks and Michael Stevens received B.A. degrees. Emily Brock, Jeffrey James and Charity (Cross) Nowlan were awarded B.S. degrees.


            Adam Dao (junior chemistry major) spent the summer at the University of Akron as a participant in their NSF-REU summer program in polymer chemistry. He made an end-of-summer oral presentation titled “Investigating the Effect of Tetrafluorination on the Interaction of Aromatic Fluorocarbons with Aromatic Hydrocarbons”.


            Kelly Fox (B.S. 1998) was married to Richard Steinberg on June 19, 2004 in Clearlake, TX.

            Melinda Ledwig (B.S. 2002) was married to Brent Ballard on July 17, 2004 in Wadsorth, TX.

            Matthew Rowan (B.S. 2004) was married to Cynthia Hardy on June 11, 2004 in Washington, TX.

            Alan Maschek (B.S. 1999) stopped by for a very short visit on July 22. He and his new wife, Hollie, are moving to Tampa Bay, FL where she will enter graduate school. Alan has accepted a job with MadScience.org in Tampa. Friends may contact Alan at: a_maschek@yahoo.com

            Nathan Gaubert (B.S. 2003) sent the following note on June 12. “I just thought I would say hi and update you as to what I was up to. Now that I have graduated and know what I am going to do with the next 5 years of my life I thought I would write you and say hi and finally get to have something I wrote be in Orbitals. Well its official now. I am going to start working on my Ph.D. at The Ohio State University in the fall quarter of this year. I just accepted their offer and had my campus visit a week ago. The campus is beautiful and I got to meet with 7 faculty members and started to get ideas about who I might want to work for. I never thought I would say that I was excited about going back to school, but since I graduated in December I have been in Toledo, Ohio managing a chain of local grocery stores and have been dying to get back into school. Well I hope everything is going great in Aggieland. Take care.” Friends may contact Nathan at: nathangaubert@hotmail.com

            Stuart Gregory (B.S. 1994) is now Asst. Senior Organic Chemist at Eli Lilly. He and his wife are expecting their second child in January. You may send congratulation to them at: Gregory_G_Stuart@lilly.com

            Ben Cieslinski (B.S. 1998) responded to my query for details about career updates with the following. “Howdy Dr. Hogg. Currently, I am the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Analytical Laboratory Supervisor for Severn Trent Laboratories in Austin, Texas. I've worked here for six years since graduating TAMU in 1998 with my B.S. in Chemistry. I'm responsible for scheduling and prioritizing work tasks, method development, and ongoing project coordination with clients. I'm also the primary analyst for GC/MS analysis of ambient air samples using cryogenic pre-focusing in accordance with EPA Compendium Methods TO12, TO14A, and TO15. I'm responsible for instrument maintenance, quality control, and field sample quality. I blend custom gas standards for use as internal standards, and as calibration standards for field testing. I also oversee the data entry into our LIMS and review all final reported data sent to our clients.Hope this is what you need... Take care!!” Write to Ben at:



            Nolan Griggs (B.A. 2003) is plugging away in graduate school at The University of Colorado as the following e-mail note attests. “Dr. Hogg, it is good to hear all of the great news about your family. It sounds like everyone is doing great. I was unaware of your textbook. Everything is going great up here in Boulder. Right now it is like 62 degrees outside, which makes me miss C.S in July [extreme sarcasm]. As for my work thus far, I am working on the synthesis of a tetramic acid named Macrocidin A. I have been one step from the end three times now only to see my last step trash the molecule. It gets frustrating but will definitely be rewarding. I am taking my oral exam this next semester, which should be exciting. My wife Christie just finished cosmetology school at one of the top-rated schools in Denver, and is in the process of getting a job at a day spa in downtown Boulder, which should be a financial relief considering my measly salary will no longer be supporting us both. Well, back to work. It is good hearing from you.” Friends wishing to go skiing in Colorado this winter should contact Nolan at: griggsn@colorado.edu


            James Mahac (B.A, 1994) and his wife Sharon now live in The Woodlands. They have two children (Levi Kyle, 3 years; Emily Hope, 9 months). He has just been promoted to Global Marketing Manager for Fuels, Lubricants, and Oilfield Applications at Huntsman. He was awarded several patents in the past few years. Drop James a note at: James_Machac@huntsman.com


            Christopher Bender (B.A. 1993) has just been admitted to the masters program in atmospheric sciences at North Carolina State University. He be concentrating on chemical weather and air quality forecasting He also plans to his job at the state Division of Air Quality, where he is participating in studies on urban air toxics and mercury monitoring. You may contact Chris at: Chris.Bender@ncmail.net


            Haley Hagg (B.S. 2003) has finished most of her course work at the Mayo Graduate School in Rochester, Minnesota where she is pursuing a degree in molecular pharmacology and experimental therapeutics. She said that she is training for a 26.2 mil roller blade marathon along the shores of Lake Superior in September. I believe the snow will only be about a foot deep in Minnesota in September. Wish Haley good luck in the marathon at: haley@aggienetwork.com


            Dr. Lynda Yang (B.S. 1988) is now ensconced as a faculty member at the University of Michigan in the Department of Neurosurgery. She is currently splitting her time between there and Johns Hopkins University where she is continuing a research project. Contact Lynda for all your neurosurgery questions at: ljsyang@med.umich.edu


            Dr. Christine Piggee (B.A 1991) is still employed at Sigma Xi and may be contacted at: cpiggee@sigmaxi.org             


            Jason Stephenson (B.S.2002) is continuing to work toward his Ph.D. with Dr. James Tour in the chemistry department at Rice University. His e-mail is: jjs@rice.edu

            Sarah Holt (B.A. 2003) reports that she has survived the first year of pharmacy school at the University of Texas and has been working full time as an intern at Walgreens during the summer. She also reported that Richard Rodriguez (B.A. 2003) is employed at Champion Technologies in Houston. You may contact Sarah to see why she knows so much about Richard at: lady_sarah@hotmail.com


            Yeo Choi (B.A. 2004) continues to work at the TAMU Writing Center as a peer consultant. She will enter a graduate program in English next year. I guess Yeo Ju plans to exploit her English degree and not her chemistry degree. Write to her at: ychoi@neo.tamu.edu


            Dr. Patty Lathan (B.A. 1998) has just begun a 3-year residency in Small Animal Internal Medicine at Purdue University. She left Mississippi State University to move to Indiana. You can still e-mail her at the following forwarding address from the University of Pennsylvania. She is trying to hit every university in the nation that has a vet program I believe. PattyLathan@alumni.upenn.edu 


            Angie Wacker (B.A. 1999) continues to work at the DEA and has been very busy with travel for trials, training and drug busts. Here is part of a recent e-mail she sent me. “I have been traveling a lot lately. Two weeks ago I was in Montgomery, AL for a trial. Last week I was in Chicago all week for a training class on gas chromatography. This past week I was in Abilene for a huge round-up (providing ion scan support). Check out these article to see what I was involved in.”: http://www.reporter-news.com/abil/nw_local/article/0,1874,ABIL_7959_3058490,00.html


              I won’t reveal too much of Angie’s personal life other than to say she has a feller and is still playing softball in her spare time. Contact her for the details at: texasaggie99@hotmail.com


            Dan Marek (B.S. 2003 ) continues to teach physics in Corsicana. His e-mail is: danmarek@nctv.com


            Byron Collins (B.S. 2003) provided the following about his travails in Austin. “Dr. Hogg, Here's my update. I am at the University of Texas at Austin working with Dr. Eric Anslyn. During my first year I completed all but one of my course requirements and began a research project in December. That project dealt with the use of catalytic polymer synthesis as a chemical sensing technique. Unfortunately that hit a dead end real quick. Now I am designing a dynamic combinatorial library which will be used to make sensors for a number of different analytes. Summer in Austin is treating me well as I have been able to make it to Lake Travis every couple of weeks which makes for a nice break from the lab. I'm happy to hear everything is going well for you, and I hope it stays that way. I'm hoping to make it back to College Station soon, and I'll be sure to stop in and say hi when I do.” Contact Byron about a trip to 6th Street at: byroncollins80@hotmail.com


            The MD/PhD program at Baylor had Christopher Loo (B.S. 2000) spending the summer in Korea. Here is the latest on Chris. “I am currently in my 5th year of the MD/PhD program at the Baylor College of Medicine in the Houston Texas Medical Center. I will be starting my 3rd year of graduate school in Bioengineering at Rice University this fall. This summer, I am doing neurobiology research in Daejon, South Korea at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) as part of the NSF East Asia & Pacific Summer Institutes Summer Research Fellowship. I plan on pursuing a career in orthopedics/sports medicine after finishing medical school. Take care!” I’m sure Chris would love to hear from friends at: cloo@rice.edu


            Thomas Pisklak (B.S. 2001) shared the following about his recent activities. “Dr. Hogg, it is nice to hear from you. I am still at The University of Texas at Dallas. I am working under the direction of Kenneth J. Balkus Jr. and will hopefully complete my Ph.D. in the next 18 months or so. I have been working on the synthesis of novel metal-organic frameworks and on the production of thin films of the same. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at UTD and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in graduate work in chemistry or materials science.

In October will be my 5th wedding anniversary but no children yet. My wife will get her B.F.A. in Graphic Design from Texas Women's University in December. This summer she has been interning for the Dallas Museum of Natural History. If you happen to be there, all the signs, banners, etc. for the new children's exhibit are hers. Also, my youngest brother Jake Pisklak will be starting TAMU in the fall. He will be seeking a double major in Genetics and Biochemistry. Best Regards.” You may contact Thomas at: tpisklak@lycos.com


            Drs. Lloyd (B.S. 1983) and Brenda (Thies) Colegrove (B.S. 1986) wrote to say they are both in new positions at Dow Chemical in Freeport after much reorganization there. Here are the some details about their positions and family. Lloyd is the Global Business Quality Leader for Epoxy Products and Intermediates, Isocyanates, and a few other assorted things. So basically he's the man that gets blamed when our product is not what's expected or annoys the customer in some other way (takes a detour through Omaha, etc.). Brenda is the Global Analytical Leader for Functional Solutions (i.e. polyglycols) and Surfactants, Performance Fluids (i.e. heat transfer, de-icing, brakes), and Polyols. Her job is make sure they can measure critical properties and tell if we are within specifications. Brenda noted that this was a departure from research, where she has mostly been She is now a Six Sigma Black Belt. Lloyd and Brenda have two daughters (Miranda, age 8; Audrey, age 6). Lloyd and Brenda are involved in a ton of activities with their kids and church. Drop them a line at either: LFColegrove@dow.com or btcolegrove@dow.com


            Dr. Carol (Cross) Wise (B.S. 1985) is now Director of Molecular Genetics for Texas

Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas. The work in her lab is directed at gene discovery for children's diseases that are clinically relevant at that institution (orthopedic and related disorders). Right now the focus is on pediatric arthritis and idiopathic scoliosis. Carol also teaches at UT Southwestern Medical Center. She and her husband have two children. Contact Carol at: Carol.Wise@UTSouthwestern.edu


            Allan Wilson (B.S. 2000) has now finished his second year in graduate school at the University of Chicago after spending a couple of years in industry. He is doing research on natural product synthesis with Dr. Kozmin. Allan has recently received an award from the Department of Physical Sciences for outstanding teaching. Congratulations on the award may be sent to: saladnerd@hotmail.com


            Jodi Crutchfield (B.A. 1997) is continuing her travels and sent the following update recently. “I'm currently spending a couple of months in Honduras, trying to learn Spanish. My new teaching job begins at the end of August. I will be teaching chemistry and physical science at Colegio Interamericano, an international school in Guatemala City. I will be teaching 10th and 11th graders. Let me know if you need any info about teaching at international schools. Just to let you know, they are desperate for chemistry teachers. I was offered five different positions at the conference I went to in February. I was one of the few chemistry teachers at the conference of over 300 teachers. The packages overseas are very good, many teachers can save $10,000 and up per year, or apply that to loans etc. There are some exciting positions available. I'm happy to hear that your family is doing well. I like to hear the updates. Good luck to all of you. Have a great fall semester.” You may learn more about this opportunity by contacting Jodi at:



            Dr. Shelley (Guzman) Lenamond (B.A. 1998) is now doing a residency in internal medicine at Methodist Medical Center in Dallas. Her husband, Mitchell, has just obtained his professional engineer license and they continue to enjoy their young son, Ethan, who is 2.5 years old. Shelley says she is getting ready to have him memorize the periodic table. He has already mastered counting to 15 in Spanish. You may e-mail Shelley at: shellenamond@hotmail.com


            Angela (Clinkenbeard) Worth (B.S. 1999) is still employed by Quintiles in Kansas City. She was married to Jarred Worth on July 24. Congratulations may be e-mailed to Angela at: Angela.Clinkenbeard@quintiles.com


            Jason Link (B.S. 1999) plans to complete his Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of North Carolina within the next couple of months and has begun the inevitable job search. Job offers may be sent to: jasonlink@Unc.edu


            Shawn Kucera (B.A 2000) sent the following e-mail from Germany this summer. “Hi Dr. Hogg! Glad to hear that things are going well for you and your family. At the moment, I am writing you from Darmstadt, Germany. I have been working an internship at Roehm GmbH in the Pharma Polymers section. This company is a subsidiary (I guess you could call it that) of Degussa. Anyway, things have been going great here. I got some really good research done

and will be a co-author on the patent that will be written about my research. School at UT is going well also. I'm just ready to get out and start working! It has been nice to just come to work all summer long and not worry about studying for classes! That's just about it. If you have any undergrads that are interested in pharmaceutical engineering or pharmaceutics please send them my way and I'll try and give them some information.” Contact Shawn at: skucera@mail.utexas.edu


            Dr. David R. (Chip) Kent I (B.A. 1999) is now a staff scientist at Los Alamos in the High Performance Computing Environments group. He was recently awarded the 2003 Hertz Thesis Prize for his Ph.D. work at Cal Tech. Chip may be contacted at: drkent@lanl.gov


            Dr. Wayne Couch (B.S. 1990) and his wife now have four children. Here is what Wayne wrote recently. “I'm living in Rawlins, WY where I own my own private solo rural medical practice. Anyone should feel free to stop in or email me at any time. I'm (a little) more mature than when they might have known me in college, though. I do family practice & obstetrics. We've been in Rawlins for 7 years. After graduating with my BS Chemistry in 1990, I went to UT Medical School in Houston and graduated with an MD in 1994. I completed the family practice residency at the University of Wyoming program in Casper, WY in 1997. My wife, Jill, and I have 4 children, two boys, two girls. (And yes, I'm done!) Riley is 8, Olivia is 6, Easton is 4, and Elly will be 2 next week.” Information on birth control may be sent to Wayne at: waynecouch@hotmail.com


            Dr. Theresa Shieh (B.A 1997) completed her vet degree at A&M in 2001. She is currently practicing in Alexandria, Virginia where she works with another Aggie. You can e-mail her at: tsheih97@msn.com


            Christine (Mullen) Barondeau (B.S. 1994) provided a detailed family update over the summer. “Thanks for all you do with Orbitals. My degrees since A&M were: M.S. (Chemistry), 1996 from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD); Ph.D. (Chemistry), 2000 from UCSD. I was a post-doctoral instructor at the University of San Diego for three years, and last year transitioned to a new hybrid position at USD. I am a part- time instructor and part-time administrator. I teach four classes during the academic year, and the rest of the time, I am the Director of the McNair Scholars Program at USD. McNair is a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education (ED) to help low-income, first generation and under-represented students complete their baccalaureate degree, prepare for and apply to graduate school. It has been an eye-opening first year (ED is a lot stricter than NIH is with their grant monies and I am glad I took the GRE when it was still a paper test), but the scholars make it worthwhile. On the personal front, I am still married to David Barondeau (Ph.D. in 1996 from Paul Lindahl's lab at A&M). Dave recently had a protein structure featured in the July 5 issue of C&E News (p. 21). We were both delighted that Marcetta Darensbourg was asked to provide her commentary on the structure.Our three kids (Matthew, 6, Katie, 5, and Michael, 3) are growing fast. So far, none of them want to be scientists! Matthew wants to be a policeman and Michael is a fireman-wannabe. Katie has decided she wants to be a princess ballerina (I hear that job is hard to come by!). I am sure my sister, Johanna, has already updated you on her graduation from the Keck Graduate Institute. My sister, Marie (B.A. 1991), however, is not so good about replying to her e-mail. Marie is on the faculty of the University of Massachusetts, Worchester, as an emergency medical physician. That's all from sunny, cool (high of 75 today) Sandy Eggo.” You may contact the sisters Mullen through Christine at: cmullen@sandiego.edu


            Julie Orf (B.S. 2000) continues to work on her Ph.D. in chemistry at UCLA but is taking some time off to go to Jordan to be married to Naser, whom she met in California. She hopes to finish her degree by the summer of 2005 and then possibly teach in Jordan. Congratulations on the engagement and wedding may be sent to Julie and Naser at: jorf@chem.ucla.edu

            Darrell Poppe (B.S. in chemical engineering in 2001) is technically not a chemistry graduate but he did serve one year as president of the ACS student affiliate chapter at A&M so I thought I’d share the following news with you. “I hope all is going well for you up in Aggieland. I just wanted to drop you a note to keep in touch. Things have been rapidly changing for me but going very well. I recently got married in April of this year to a wonderful woman from Fort Worth, TX, named Elizabeth. We met a couple of years ago, while both attending an environmental law seminar in San Antonio, and dated for about a year. In April of 2003 we met up in Paris, following a business meeting that I as attending in London, and spent a few days in the city. We then drove through the wine country south of Paris to a small village in the French Alps, where I proposed. Recently, we have been living on the west side of Houston. Elizabeth, up until recently, was working for an environmental consulting firm, ERM, and I have been really enjoying working with BP as an operations engineer for an offshore production platform, in our Deepwater Production business unit. However, we recently decided to pursue an opportunity to work and live abroad in Baku, Azerbaijan, a former Soviet territory on the Caspian Sea. While in Baku, I will be working as an operations engineer at our Sangachal Pipeline Terminal, which is expanding to be able to handle 1.2 million barrels of oil per day, while Elizabeth is hoping to pursue some opportunities with some consulting firms, that she has leads on, doing some work with biodiversity conservation. We will more than likely be in Baku for one to three years, and are really looking forward to the move. Anyway, I hope all is going well for you, take care and please keep in touch.” Friends of Darrell may contact him at: Darrell.Poppe@bp.com


            Tanya (Tryon) Jensen (B.A. 1995) has left her position as an Environmental Lab Leader at Oxyvinyls, LP in Houston in order to be able to spend more time with her two young children (Jacob, 2-1/2 years; Julia, 15 months). She is planning to pursue a career in teaching in the near future. Friends may contact Tayna at: tanyajensen@earthlink.net


            John Stephens (B.S. 1992) is close to completing his Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh. He is currently employed in the Coatings and Resins Research Division of PPG Industries, Inc. He worked in the private sector for several few years before entering graduate school. His wife, Melinda, is an analytical chemist with tenure at Geneva College. John has taught at Chatham College and Waynesburg College in the past. John and Melinda have two boys, Adam Christopher (age 3) and Michael Alexander (age 1.5 ). Friends may contact John at: txaggie8@zoominternet.net


            Celeste Davis (B.A. 2000 in chemistry and in English) has moved to Boulder, Colorado and has enrolled for the fall at Naropa University where she is pursuing a MFA in Writing and Poetics. Friends may write to her at: celestualstarz@yahoo.com


            Kristi (Denton) Nance (B.A. 2000) has written to say that she has left the teaching profession to take a position as a chemist at InterChem, Inc. in Odessa. The company sells wholesale chemicals to treating companies (mostly oil, but some mining and water). Friends may contact Krista at: kdenton99@hotmail.com


              Dr. Theresa Harper (B.S. 1993) sent an update of her adventures over the past several years. After receiving her Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from the University of California at San Diego, she spent time as a post-doc in membrane biophysics studying artificial photsynthetic cells at Arizona State University. She overlapped with Dr. Christine Mullen (B.S. 1994) at San Diego and with Dr. Jeff Bahr (B.S. 1995) at Arizona State. Theresa has followed this with three different positions in the biotech industry. Stints at Protogene and Zyomyx have led her to Quantum Dot Corporation (www.qdots.com) in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is married to Allan Farrow (B.S. and M.S. in 1989 and 1993). Theresa lives near Dr. Krista Witte (B.S.1992) and her husband Scott. You may contact Theresa at theresafharper@yahoo.com


            The following information was supplied by Eric Hendrickson (senior chemistry major).I worked all summer with the Tarrant County Medical Examiners Office in the toxicology and drug chemistry labs. They are in desperate need of future interns and would love for you to make all the chem majors aware of it. The job is mostly clerical work, but the do allow competent interns to do acid/base extractions and solution prep. Plus you learn a lot about GC/MS, FTIR, and the real CSI stuff. Let me know if I can help. The students need to contact: Sue Howe @ 817-920-5700 ext 170" You may contact Eric at the following e-mail address for more information: eric-hendrickson@tamu.edu


            The Office of Continuing Education at Texas A&M University is offering a 15 hour GRE Prep Course on September 11 and 12; Oct. 23 and 24. The cost is $495. You may contact 979-862-7022 for more information and to register or you may register online at:



            We start the fall 2004 semester with a record number of freshman chemistry majors. Eighty four new students have joined the department. This surpasses the old record of seventy four last set in 1995. We welcome the following students. 


Last Name                 First Name    High School                                       Hometown 


Alkire                         Grant              Sandra Day O'Connor High School   Helotes

Allen                           Racquel           Cedar Hill High School                      Cedar Hill 

Alvarado                     Aydee             Sam Rayburn High School                 Pasadena

Anderson-Boyd          Heather           McNeil High School                          Round Rock

Archer                        Bethany          Canyon High School                          San Antonio

Boring                        Jamie              Del Valle High School                       Austin

Burchell                      Jeremiah         Shiner High School                            Shiner

Cantu                          James              Port Aransas High School                  Port Aransas

Carroll                        Bryan              J B Alexander High School                Laredo

Chateau                       Morgan           Bryan High School                             Bryan

Chen                           David              William P. Clements High School     Sugar Land

Chilek                         Garrett            Cy-Fair Senior High School               Cypress

Coleman                     Douglas          Saint John's School                             Houston

Collier                        Robert             Pflugerville High School                    Pflugerville

Condit                         Rebekah          William P. Clements High School     Sugar Land 

Crouch                        Megan            Lake Travis High School                    Austin

Curtis                          Mitchell          Coppell Senior High School               Coppell

Echeverria                  Alfredo           Strake Jesuit College Prep                  Houston

Edwards                      Brianna           Brazosport High School                     Freeport

Emerson                     Laura              Tivy High School                               Kerrville

Farrell                         April               Richard King High School                 Corpus Christi

Flores                          Annette           La Joya High School                          Sullivan City

Forestier                     Melissa           Cleveland High School                       Conroe

Freeman                      Amelia            Kingwood High School                      Kingwood

Gamez                        Natalie            Cy-Fair Senior High School               Cypress

Ghinelli                       Anthony          Spring High School                            Spring

Givens                        Shane              School of the Osage                           Lake Ozark, MO

Grupp                         Anthony          McNeil High School                          Round Rock

Gunn                           Leslie              St. Andrews Episcopal                       Austin

Hawkins                     Robert             Yoakum High School                         Yoakum 

Hayes                          Candace          Elkins High School                            Arcola

Helmreich                   Grant              Home School                                      Plano

Henson                       Cory                Westfield High School                       Houston

Herrera                       Analisa           Cedar Park High School                     Cedar Park 

Holmes                       Heather           Honey Grove High School                 Honey Grove

Hull                            Megan            Keller High School                             Keller

Hunnicutt                    Seth                Home School                                      Harlingen

Isbell                           Benjamin        Granger High School                          Bartlett

Jackson                       Tyler               San Augustine High School               San Augustine

Jahnke                         Ashlee            A&M Consolidated High School       College Station

Jeffers                         Erica               Cypress Springs High School             Houston

Johnsgard                   Scott               The Woodlands High School             The Woodlands

Karnes                        Jeffrey             Poteet High School                             Mesquite

Kelley                         Lauren            Holland High School                          Holland

Kim                            Connie            North Garland High School                Garland

Komonibo                   Diseye            Elkins High School                            Missouri City

Krueger                       Samuel            Tidehaven High School                      Blessing

Kulpa                          Lauren            Nolan Catholic High School              Haltom City

Lozano                        Jorge               McAllen High School                        McAllen

Luetke                        Melinda          Faith Christian School                        Keller

Martinez                     Kelly               Ronald Reagan High School              San Antonio

McGurk                      Elizabeth         Gregory-Portland High School           Portland

Mejia                          Maria              William P. Clements High School     Sugar Land 

Ogden                         Ashley            Deer Park High School                       Deer Park

Orand                          Chelsey           Azle High School                               Azle

Ornelas                       Ana Lisa         Edinburg High School                        Edinburg

Owen                          Joshua             Ronald Reagan High School              San Antonio

Pan                              Zhilin              Bellaire Senior High School               Houston

Patel                            Chirag             Port Isabell High School                    South Padre Island

Patel                            Pratik              Homer Hanna High School                Brownsville 

Perez                           David              Roma High School                             Roma

Price                           Howard           Cy-Fair Senior High School               Tomball

Rapp                           Stefanie           Coronado High School                       El Paso

Reed                           Ross                Normangee High School                    Flynn

Roberts                       James              Earl Warren High School                   San Antonio

Rowley                       Jonathan         Home School                                      Magnolia

Ruiz                            Christopher     New Caney High School                    New Caney

Salganik                      Leah                J J Pearce High School                       Dallas

Spacek                        Sherry             Dime Box High School                      Dime Box

Spruiell                       Katherine        Nocona High School                          Nocona

Stevens                       Sara                Bryan High School                             Bryan

Stussi                          Megan            Rockwall High School                       Rockwall

Sumerlin                     Christopher     Clear Brook High School                   Houston

Sutton                         Kaitlyn            Sandia High School                            Albuquerque, NM

Tarter                          Meghan           Butler R-V High School                     Butler, MO

Taylor                         Jessie              A&M Consolidated High School       College Station

Tran                            Kenneth          Jersey Village High School                Houston 

Trevino                       Erin                 W B Ray High School                        Corpus Christi

Trevino                       Jessica             Klein Oak High School                      Tomball

Viramontes                 Anthony          Gilmer High School                           Gilmer

Wester                        Tanya              Klein Oak High School                      Spring

Williams                     Johnathan       Ellison High School                           Killeen

Womack                     Lauren            West Orange-Stark High School        Orange

Zebrowski                   Sharon            South Hills High School                     Fort Worth


            We welcome ten transfer students to the department for the fall semester. Four of the ten are from out of state. The new students are:


Last Name                 First Name    Previous College


Allen                           Nina                Waubonsee Community College (IL)

Barrow                        Josh                North Central Texas College

Cochran                      Erin                 Austin Community College

Chandler                     Tabitha           Stephen F. Austin State University

Childs                         Joseph             BrighamYoung University of Idaho

Freeman                      Charles           Blinn College

Jones                           Angela            North Harris County College

Spencer                       Lauren            University of North Texas

Wise                           Herbert           Monroe Community College (NY)

Zablocki                     John                Western State College (CO)