Department of Chemistry

Information Resource Policies


The university has long-standing policies regarding the use of information resources. The purpose of this document is to supplement those policeis and provide information resource owners and users with specific guidance for information resources in the custody of the Department of Chemistry, as well as information resources connected to the Department’s wired network infrastructure.

These policies do not replicate or supersede other documents published by Texas A&M University, including the Texas A&M Information Security Controls Catalog.

The information resource owner or designee (e.g., custodian, user) is responsible for ensuring that the protection measures in this document and the Texas A&M Information Security Controls Catalog are fully implemented. Based on risk management considerations and business functions, the resource owner may request to exclude certain protection measures as outlined in this policy and the associated Texas A&M Information Security Controls Catalog.


Chemistry IT Helpdesk
A service that assists Texas A&M Chemistry faculty, staff and graduate students with their IT questions by phone, email or in person. The standard shop rate applies and personal payment is not accepted.

Information Resources
The procedures, computer equipment, computing facilities, software and data which are purchased, designed, built, operated and maintained to collect, record, process, store, retrieve, display, report and transmit information.

Information Resource Owner
A person responsible for a business function and for determining controls and access to information resources supporting that business function.

Personal Funds
Funds from one's own personal bank or credit card and not reimbursed by University funds.

A computer program that provides the instructions enabling the computer hardware to work. System software, such as Windows or MacOS, operate the machine itself, and applications software, such as spreadsheet or word processing programs, provide specific functionality.

University Data
Data or information that is in the possession or under the control of an individual (i.e., owner, custodian, or user) by virtue of that person’s employment or affiliation with the university.

University Funds
Funds from any TAMU account, such as departmental operating, research grant, or gift accounts.

Acquiring Information Resources Policy

Any information resource acquired for the department, or with university funds, must be routed directly to the Chemistry IT Helpdesk.

Access Control Policy

All information resources in the custody of the Department of Chemistry will be joined to the Chemistry domain and only Chemistry IT Helpdesk associates will have admin rights. Under special conditions an advisor may obtain admin rights by contacting the Chemistry IT Helpdesk and providing a valid reason. If admin rights are given to a non-Helpdesk user, the user must complete and return the Administrative Privileges Agreement form to the Chemistry IT Helpdesk. Information resources not under sole control of the Chemistry IT Helpdesk are required to adhere to the Texas A&M Information Security Controls Catalog.

Network Access Policy

Any information resource connected to Chemistry’s wired network infrastructure must be registered with the Chemistry IT Helpdesk. Any and all network connected information resources are required to adhere to Texas A&M Information Security Controls Catalog - Malicious Code Protection (SI-3) including, but not limited to, controls regarding up-to-date antivirus and automatic updates. Additionally, the installation of Identity Finder is required on all departmentally owned computers.

Software Policy

Computer software is protected by federal copyright laws. Only appropriately licensed software may be placed on an information resource and/or used by employees in the conduct of business.

Only Chemistry IT Helpdesk associates can install/uninstall software on departmental computers. However, computers joined to the Chemistry domain will automatically request temporary elevated privileges to install software. Commonly installed software is approved automatically. Any and all user installed software must adhere to Texas A&M Information Security Controls Catalog - User Installed Software (CM-11).

Data Classifications Policy

Information resources storing university data must be protected according to the Texas A&M University System Data Classification Standard regardless of ownership. All information resources must be classified and protected accordingly- and thereby assessed for risk and compliance - to the highest data classification applicable to the data it stores, processes, or transmits. Information Resource Owners are responsible for adhering to Texas A&M Information Security Controls Catalog - Security Categorization (RA-2) and Texas A&M Information Security Controls Catalog - Risk Assessment (RA-3).

Backup and Recovery Policy

Backup and recovery of data is the purview of the data owner and should be backed up on a regular basis. The Chemistry IT Helpdesk is not responsible for any data loss or corruption while the information resource is in the custody of the Chemistry IT Helpdesk. Please backup your data accordingly.

Texas A&M IT offers Enterprise Backup and Storage