Table of Contents


The driving force for the development of this Emergency Response Plan has been, and will continue to be, concern for worker safety and health. It is the Department Administration's intent that all personnel within the Chemistry Building be made aware of the appropriate actions to be taken for any of the emergency situations described here. It is equally important that all personnel know what to do when the situation is out of local control and a general evacuation is called.

Sections I, II and III of this document outline the Administrative and Organizational aspects of the Plan, as well as the situations under which the Plan will be activated.

Sections IV and V outline the operational aspects of the Plan, specifying the responsibilities of each member of the Emergency Response Team and addressing the evacuation of the Chemistry Building for all personnel.

Section VI addresses the training requirements, if necessary, for the Emergency Response Team and all other Chemistry Building personnel.

Appendix A contains the Laboratory Emergency Contacts and Hazards for each laboratory within the Chemistry Building Complex. These Worksheets will be instrumental in pre-response planning, where they will be used to identify potential problems if an emergency response becomes necessary in that area. In addition, these sheets will be available to the College Station Fire Department and Environmental Health and Safety Office. These worksheets will be updated annually.

Appendix B is a listing of the Emergency Response Team roster. It is suggested that in addition to these members each floor select an alternate Floor Monitor that is kept aware of the procedures so that this individual may step in if either of the other two Floor Monitors are not available when the Plan is activated. This listing will be updated semi-annually.

Appendix C gives the format for recording a Floor Occupants Roster. It is requested that these rosters be upgraded/reviewed on a monthly basis.

Appendix D is a listing of Departmental, University, local, county, state and national emergency telephone numbers. This document should be reproduced and posted at appropriate Emergency Response Team member's locations.

Appendix E is the official form signed by the new employee during his/her employment process. The employee will receive a copy of the signed form; a copy will be sent to the floor Personnel Coordinator; and the original form will be filed in the employee’s personnel file.

Appendix F is the official form given to departing employees.

It is important to note that this plan may be activated and utilized during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a. m. - 5:00 p. m.) only. If an alarm sounds at any other time, general evacuation of the facility is mandatory.