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IV. D. Operational Plan: All Chemistry Personnel

The Emergency Response Plan will become activated for medical emergencies related to chemical spills. Isolated injuries or illnesses will not activate the Plan, these events should instead be treated by personnel trained in First Aid. In addition, the Business Office and Safety Officer should be notified for additional assistance as required.

When the Scene Manager receives notification that a person has been injured due to a chemical exposure, he will immediately notify the Safety Officer and the University's HazMat Team.

1) Safety Officer
The Safety Officer will be trained in First Aid and CPR, and will lend assistance in all medical emergencies as needed. The Safety Officer will report to the Command Center when notification is received that the Emergency Response Plan has been activated due to a chemical exposure. Assistance will be given to the University's HazMat Team when they suit up. The Safety Officer will brief the Team on the nature of the chemical to which the victim has been exposed, and provide information on what initial response should be taken and what decontamination procedures should be followed.

Once the victim has been removed to a safe environment and decontamination has been completed, the Safety Officer will assist with First Aid as needed. After the victim has been cared for, the Safety Officer will assist the University's HazMat Team on what procedures should be undertaken to clean up any chemical spill. It is assumed that this will involve a small amount of material, otherwise a general evacuation would have been called.

The Safety Officer will obtain the Material Safety Data Sheet and this information will be sent with the victim to the medical facility.