Table of Contents
Chart 1

The primary responsibility of the Emergency Response Team formed by this Plan is to provide for the safe and efficient evacuation of all personnel during an emergency situation. The secondary responsibility will be to assist in mitigating the emergency if it is within the capabilities of the Team. This Team will be comprised of the following members:

Scene Manager
Safety Officer
Wing Leaders (1 per wing)
Floor Monitors (2 per floor)
Personnel Coordinator (1 per floor)

The organizational flow chart for the Response Team is illustrated in Chart 1.
The primary responsibility for each Team member is as follows:

A) The Scene Manager (Assistant Dept. Head of Chemistry) will assess the situation and determine whether an emergency exists. Once an emergency has been declared, the Scene Manager will establish contact with the appropriate emergency personnel. This person will establish the Hot Zone, Warm Zone and Safe Zone, based on the best information immediately available. The Scene Manager will maintain radio contact with the University HazMat Team and emergency dispatch, and make necessary decisions until professional responders arrive on site. Upon arrival of emergency personnel, the Scene Manager will pass along all pertinent information. After the incident has terminated, the Scene Manager, based on the advice of the emergency personnel, will sound the "all clear" and allow reoccupation of the affected areas.

B) The Safety Officer's (Associate Dept. Head of Chemistry) responsibility is to identify and evaluate potential hazards and to provide direction to the Scene Manager with regard to the safety issues at hand. The Safety Officer will recommend at what distance the Warm and Safe Zones shall be established, and will constantly re-evaluate their placement.

C) One Wing Leader will be selected for each wing within the Chemistry Building Complex(28, 32, 59, 72 & 86 wings). All Floor Monitors and Personnel Coordinators within the wing will report to the Wing Leader when the Plan is activated. As information becomes available from each floor of the affected wing, the Wing Leader will relay it directly to the Scene Manager.

D) Two Floor Monitors will be selected from each floor of the Chemistry Building Complex. The Floor Monitors will be responsible for instructing all occupants to evacuate and to check floor conditions for potentially hazardous situations. They may also take corrective actions in an emergency situation if it is within their capabilities. They report directly to the Wing Leader.

E) One Personnel Coordinator will be selected for each floor. Primary responsibilities include maintaining a roster (Appendix C) of all floor occupants and ascertaining whether all occupants are present and accounted for in the emergency assembly areas. Included in the information which the Personnel Coordinator should collect is the presence on the floor of any personnel who may have difficulty in rapidly evacuating because of some disability. Also, any person or persons who might have to remain behind to perform emergency shutdown procedures during an evacuation must be listed so that it is understood that they may be delayed for reporting to the Evacuation Area. The Personnel Coordinator will report directly to the Wing Leader.