Welcome to Yang Group


Research in our lab focuses on bringing the power of modern synthetic organic chemistry to bear on problems in biology and medicine. The main focus of our research involves synthesis of organic compounds that are biologically interesting. This is followed by mode of action studies to gain insights to the biological functions of these natural products and the molecular basis of the biological processes involved.


  • March 2014_Congratulations to Jinhua for the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Graduate Students Abroad
  • June 2013_Congratulations to Bryan for being selected as the recipient of the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Travel Award!!
  • March 2013_Congratulations to Bryan for receiving the Eastman Chemicals Travel Award!
  • March 2013_Congratulations to Jinhua for receiving the Dow Chemical Scholar Award!
  • January 2013_Congratulations to Jinhua for being selected as the recipient of the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Travel Award!
  • July 2012_Congratulations to Haoran for his paper on transannular Michael reaction cascades been accepted by J. Org. Chem.
  • June 2012_The lab has been funded by an NSF CAREER award (2012-2017)!
  • June 2012_Congratulations to Tyler and Bryan for their paper on synthesis of alpha,beta-unsaturated ketonitrones being accepted by Tetrahedron Letters.
  • May 2012_Congratulations to Jinhua for his paper on the total synthesis of (-)-alotaketal A being published as a communication in JACS.
  • March 2012_Congratulations to Bryan and Tyler for their paper on a new method to C3-quaternary indolenines being accepted by Angew. Chem.
  • January_2012_Jinhua's paper on iriomotoelide 1a has been accepted by Synlett. Congratudations.
  • September 2011_Haoran's paper on the synthesis of the carbocyclic core of norzoanthamine has been published by Org. Lett. Congratulations!
  • August 2011_Haoran presented his work on norzoanthamine at the Fall 2011 ACS National Meeting at Denver
  • August 2011_Our book chapter on natural product synthesis by transannular reactions has been accepted
  • July 2011_Haoran was the recipient of a Martin Corera Travel Award. Congratulations!
  • November 2010_ Prof. Yang received the Thieme Chemistry Journal Award