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Summary of the press coverage of the 2008 Science paper on hydrodefluorination

Our work on the catalytic hydrodefluorination of perfluoroalkyl-containing substrates appeared in Science on August 29, 2008.  Our work on C-F activation has been primarily supported by the Department of Energy – Basic Energy Sciences (DE-FG02-06ER15815), and also by Research Corporation and the Sloan Foundation.  This work has generated some interest from the press.  Here we provide a collection of links to articles about it.

Science Perspective by Robin Perutz
This Week in Science highlights
Brandeis press-release: Breaking Harmful Bonds
In Science News: A Difficult Breakup
In Technology Review: Neutralizing Fluorocarbons
Wired.com: Chemists Break Down Pesky Greenhouse Gas
In Chemistry World: Breaking The Bonds Of Global Warming
In New Scientist: ‘Unbreakable’ Greenhouse Gas Meets Its Doom At Last
In TreeHugger: Scientists Develop Potent Acids To Take Down Destructive Fluorocarbons
Chemport.ru: Катализатор для разрушения «шкуры носорога»
In Chemical & Engineering News: Breaking C-F Bonds
environmentalresearchweb.org: Catalyst Process Could Dispose of Greenhouse Gases
In C2W: Cfk-kraker
In Nature Chemistry: Hydrodefluorination: Polyfluoroalkanes come unstuck
In The Justice: Chemistry professor studies potential method to reduce greenhouse gases

Disclaimer: The Ozerov group did not author the articles above.  The Ozerov quotes in the above references appear to be accurate but the authorship of the articles (and with that, of the claims and assertions therein) belongs to the corresponding reportersThat said, the authors of the articles in Technology Review, C&EN, and New Scientist   composed them by taking into account more direct input from us.

The Brandeis press-release and the journalists’ articles above have been widely duplicated and/or adapted throughout the web (without any involvement on our part).  Various blog entries have appeared as well.  Below are some links; the list is by no means exhaustive.






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